Sterngold launches Campaign to Raise Funds to make Young Boy’s DREAM COME TRUE!

Sterngold launches Campaign to Raise Funds to make Young Boy’s DREAM COME TRUE!

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL – A young boy named Sisay was treated in Philadelphia by a wonderful team of surgeons led by Dr. Thomas Balshi, a Board Certified Prosthodontist. Sisay’s journey started back when he was just six years of age living in Africa. One frightful day, Sisay was attacked by a wild hyena while playing in his backyard. The attack left Sisay completely deformed and clinging for life. See, the hyena didn’t just bite his arms and legs; it viciously attacked the young boy’s face. Sisay lost his nose, upper jaw, part of his upper lip and tore open his eye socket. He luckily lived but has endured over 16 facial surgeries during the last four years. Sisay is now 9 years old and has been adopted by a caring family in Pennsylvania. When he came to the US he didn’t speak any English and learned our language by watching the Disney channel on TV. It is a dream of Sisay’s to go to Disney.

Sterngold Dental's SFI Abutments and Cendres+Métaux’s SFI Bar® products were used to help restore Sisay's face. Amazingly enough, the SFI was installed, not in the mouth as traditionally used, but rather as part of a superstructure cast to support his prosthetic nose. Three Nobel BioCare® implants were surgically installed in his facial bone structure several months before. Then the superstructure, in a tri-pod configuration, was screwed into those implants. SFI Bars where used as the tripod structure, then magnets were installed to connect Sisay’s prosthetic nose. ERA PickUp® was used to fabricate the magnets into an acrylic plate embedded within the silicone prosthetic nose. Not only is the superstructure designed for esthetics; it also protects the sensitive nasal tissue and cavities exposed with not having a nose.

Sterngold has started a campaign to raise funds to send Sisay and his family to Disney World in Florida. One of his all-time dreams is to visit there. Sterngold in conjunction with the Pi Center in PA, who is providing the restorative care for Sisay, will jointly be working on this campaign to raise $8000. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, even a small donation will help! Any donations beyond the Disney Trip goal will be allocated to Sisay's future medical expenses. To read more on Sisay’s story visit and to make a donation visit Let's join together and make Sisay's dream come true!

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