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Ahsay Design, a creative and professional multimedia design team, helps companies to build unique and successful corporate identities by its inspirational designs.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – Hong Kong, July 19, 2010 -- Every company adopts a unique promotion mix in striving for marketing success. For promotion channels, some focus more on above-the-line, some on below-the-line, and some others on through-the-line. According to Peter Tse, the creative supervisor of Ahsay Design, no matter what channels you are focusing on, the secret sauce is always the corporate identity. Without a set of well planned and appropriately executed corporate identity guidelines governing your promotion campaign, the chance of success is rather low.

Good corporate identity generates good profits

According to Peter, well-executed corporate identity doesn’t just sell products. It fosters collaboration and communicates strategy, sets expectations, improves the efficiency of employees, and most importantly, inspires and motivates the customers to buy and enjoy the products or services. “We helped a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong named Senshuraku design their corporate identity and a promotion campaign governed by the identity. Within a 3-month period after this campaign, their business turnover increased by nearly 80%.”

Spending on corporate identity is investment rather than expenditure

“Many business owners, especially those of small and medium businesses (SMBs), tend to treat design as expenditure and therefore try very hard to minimize it. They don’t even care about the corporate identities of their businesses, since building corporate identities involve design which equals expenditure. This is a common misconception from SMB owners. As a design professional, I urge them to think from an opposite direction. That is, spending related to corporate identity should be treated as investment, as it will eventually lead to profits. Believe me, after a business that has adopted a well-executed corporate identity, his/her business will grow much faster than one can imagine.” Peter said.

Letting a design firm handle your corporate identity, good or bad?

“Another common misconception from the owners of SMB is that corporate identity is a jargon created by design schools, so that design firms can use it to exploit customers. In their eyes, design firms are demons. So, instead of letting demons control their corporate identities, they prefer to control their own identities by themselves.

“In fact, the design of corporate identity involves the creation of logo, title, color, typeface and any other related visual attributes, as well as the documentation of execution guidelines for those attributes so that the staff of a business know how to follow. Since most design professionals have the in-depth knowledge in this area, letting a design firm carry out this job will actually bring more benefits to a business. It’s the concept of competitive advantage, as stated by Michael Porter. Needless to say, a good design firm, such as Ahsay Design, is clearly an angel to businesses. ” Peter further explained.

Simply put, if your business doesn’t have a well-executed corporate identity, letting a design firm handle it makes the most sense for you.

About Ahsay Design

Newly spun off from Ahsay Systems Corporation in 2010, Ahsay Design (AD) is specialized in the creation of corporate identity for businesses from any sectors and origins. With a team of creative-minded designers led by Peter Tse, a senior design professional with over 10 years of experience in design, AD is committed to providing top notch creative designs in order to help the clients grow their businesses exponentially.

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