Breaking Up: A Journey to You Author Rolanda Footman Hosts an Red Carpet Party

Author of Breading Up: A Journey to You, Rolanda Footman had a smashing red carpet event in Philadelphia on April 5.

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – Philadelphia, PA – – April 24, 2014 – Philadelphia, PA–Rolanda greeted her guests on the red carpet and treated them to champagne, great food, a custom cake and a book signing. This event took place April 5 Fire & Ice Restaurant, Bar, & Lounge 312 Market Street in Philadelphia. Over 75 people mixed and mingled at this book launch that was more like a Hollywood movie premiere complete with a red carpet.

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About Rolanda Footman

Rolanda Footman, owner of Plan Prosper Grow (PPG) Consulting LLC and author of Breaking Up: A Journey to You, is a native of Philadelphia, PA where she was educated in the public school system and by life. Rolanda, just as everyone else, has ridden on life’s roller-coaster full of ups and down. During this ride she met many people and gathered an interest in individuals and their interactions which created relationships that held a certain level of value.

That “value” determined the level of energy used in cultivating the relationship. Rolanda reflectively looked at her actions and those of people around her and discovered people giving more energy and value to external relationships than the one with the “self”.

This phenomenon intrigued her and she decided to further her education

Rolanda Footman is a two time graduate from Saint Joseph’s University (with honors) receiving Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Master’s Degree with a concentration in Behavior Counseling studying the principles of Behavior Analysis. Her education assisted her in acquiring a more in-depth view of the causes of these behaviors. Rolanda realized if people wanted better relationships with others, they should begin with the internal relationship with the “self” and started with herself. Rolanda’s goal in life became being the best person she could as well as a positive influence and assisting people create a better life for themselves via coaching, writing, motivational speaking, and friendship to all that will allow.