Calgary Urban Living Attends Event Focused On New Anti-Spam Laws

Laws controlling how and when companies can send you spam are about to become more firm and will be effecting the real estate industry in Calgary

Online PR News – 26-April-2014 – Calgary, AB – On Thursday April 17, CIR Realty will be organizing a informative session on the new anti-spam laws and how it affects both the realtors and their clients. Calgary Urban Living will be in attendance to better understand the policy and, in turn, will be able to pass on the information to their clients.

The new changes will take place as of July 1, 2014 and will affect the way businesses communicate with their clients. Canada is one of the last developed countries to institute these laws.

Some of the topics addressed that may be of value to the consumers will be:

-The type of documented opt-in permission that will provide businesses to communicate with clients

-At what stage of the correspondence is this permission required

-How long this permission is valid for

The new laws will effect every single message the consumer will be receiving. These include emails, newsletters, and any other type of notification. Other technology and social media is also included, such as text messages, and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter messages. These all fall under anti-spam laws.

The session will also cover the type of content that will be acceptable. This will include reports real estate agents send to their clients about their Calgary home values, or even tips on how to get most out of the sale of their home will all be now governed by the new anti-spam laws.

This is a big change, and businesses should get the proper permissions before the new law takes effect. After July 1, 2014, businesses will no longer be able to communicate with their clients without the appropriate permission.

For more information on these new laws, or for information on Calgary condos, please contact Karim Hassam at or at 403-689-9594.

Information provided is based on general trends. Please contact your Realtor for information regarding your specific situation.