inChefs Connects Busy Foodies and Companies to Hyperlocal Chefs for Awesome Food

Wanteet launches connecting busy foodies to hyper local personal and restaurant chefs anywhere in the world for effortless fresh meals

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – San Ramon, CA – San Ramon, CA, April 24, 2014 - is creating a global marketplace that connects busy foodies to hyperlocal personal and restaurant chefs to enjoy and explore, fresh, and healthy meals without spending time and energy that they don't have.. We eliminate the need to shop around for food. the busy foodie or company just posts an event, time, budget and type of food, he can sit back and relax while "yum quotes" from chefs arrive in his inbox.. he chooses one offer and the deal is done. New moms, busy families, and the aged get to hire private chefs, request gluten free or vegan food. The inChefs meals are typically, meals for special events, meals for the entire week, special dietary needs as required by patients in hospitals and the old, meals prepared by vacation chefs at resorts, etc.
Foodies are dissatisfied with the lack of high-quality healthy food that is also affordable. Our intention is to make customized available to the masses at a satisfactory price.

To achieve this, the global internet marketplace was launched, which can be likened to a hyperlocal network of foodies and chefs. The special features of the marketplace are: (a) online registration of chefs and menus from anywhere in the world (b) location specific access to chefs (c) storing foodie preferences (d) an online transaction system (d) hire a personal chef (e) yumQuotes - an open marketplace that allows foodies to request quotes from selected chefs, accept one and pay (f) an Inchefs concierge that people can plant on their websites (g)popup restaurants (h) marketplace for special culinary creations (i) culinary lessons by chefs (j) self curated platform with reviews and ratings (k) edible gifts (l) travelers and tourists find local chefs to cook special meals. has currently completed a soft launch and has about 70 customers (chefs) worldwide. We are holding inChefs promotion events to bring awareness to the consumers in the Bay Area. Wanteet has built the platform through self-funding. Wanteet is actively looking for additional sales and marketing $s to reach out to customers

Usha Kizhakekara founded Wanteet, Inc and the marketplace early 2013 with Vipul Bhopal spearheading the engineering team, and Mahendra C the backend engineer. Shyla Klinder joined the team in Dec 2013 as head of product - consumer experience. We have Jason Crayne and Jay Marshall on the advisory board along with Doug Ross.

The inChefs offering has incorporated flexibility which enables scalability in a very short period of time, both in terms of signing up chefs as well as enabling offers on customer requests. The online marketplace has the ability to grow with very little manual intervention.