Bask in The Glory of Christian Rock with Cadence- Songdew’s Fresh Pick of the Month

Songdew has evolved as one of the most popular online music portal for Independent artists, bands and music enthusiasts around the country.

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – Gurgaon – Songdew has evolved as one of the most popular online music portal for Independent artists, bands and music enthusiasts around the country. Be it a recognized musician or just a budding band, Songdew welcomes everyone with open arms and aids them to showcase their talent in front of the multitude, so that people may know about their extraordinary creations and appreciate their efforts. The only condition that Songdew sets is authentic music.

Songdew has won the hearts of thousands of music lovers and has turned into a fast growing popular online music portal within a short span of time. It acts as a milieu for modern cultural diversification where gifted artists and bands can exhibit their musical creations without any restraints and music lovers from around the world can listen, enjoy and relish the music of their preferred genre and encourage the musicians in turn with their appreciation. Songdew itself takes steps to wholeheartedly recognize the fresh talents by its monthly feature of Songdew Pick of the Month in which each month a band is selected as the Songdew Pick by the editorial team. This month it has selected Cadence, the Christian Progressive Rock band, whose soulful and melodious tracks will breeze through the Songdew network for the whole month.

Cadence- The Band that Blends Devotion with Melody
As the name suggests, Cadence or Rhythm is the soul of this band. The band plays Christian Progressive rock, and their compositions reflect a harmonious combination of melodic, modern and metal styles. Each creation has a unique, pleasing and refreshing quality that breaks the stereotype of Rock being loud and noisy with high pitched guitar strains. The tracks have a powerful and dynamic effect on the mind that elevates the mood instantly. Their creations are influenced by famous Progressive, Christian and Melodic Metalcore bands like Dream Theater, Petra, Norther, Trivium.

Foundation of Cadence
Cadence, the Kohima based band, was formed in October 2010 when five exceptionally talented musicians with diverse musical background came together to create music that is infused with energy and yet melodious. The band has Ato Nienu as the lead vocalist with Zhazo Sorhie and Nlie Neitshulie at the guitars, Sede Yiese on bass and Khrielezo Keretsü on drums. What makes their creations unique and expressive is their inexhaustible passion for music, mutual respect and clear understanding of each other’s musicality. Some of their popular tracks include “Journey of Life”, “Lost” and the Progressive Rock Metal version of Jingle Bells

Achievements of Cadence
The band has been awarded the Best Band in the Rock (Heavy/ Metal) category in the 4th and 5th Music Awards of Nagaland held in the years 2012 and 2013. In addition, it also won the online Qyuki Contest and the Kohima Inter Ward Band Competition 2011. The band also performed the opening act for Stryper's Concert held in Kohima 2012. The list goes on, and Cadence has a long way ahead.

Songdew Honors the Artistic Genius of Cadence with Pick of the Month
The music of Cadence is like a refreshing whiff of wind that purifies the soul and relieves the mind from the worldly restraints and Songdew makes it a point that it flows freely and touches the hearts of the masses, and that’s why it has chosen Cadence as the Songdew Pick of the Month, through which the songs of Cadence will be promoted and upheld through newsletters, on the Songdew home page, as well as other popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter throughout the month. Admirers of Cadence can connect with the band members and know all about their upcoming tracks and gigs at

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