Data Compass 2011 with new data recovery hardware solutions

Data Compass 2011 version is going to be released and performing its new functions to maximize data recovery success rate

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – In order to meet a higher level of request from customers on Data Compass, one of our major data recovery equipment, SalvationDATA is going to release the Data Compass 2011 version.

Data Compass 2011 version combines all the advantages of the former versions of Data Compass and the most important is its new features added for improving and maximizing data recovery success rate.

Image and recover faulty drives without limitation of brand and model!
Please check the major features of Data Compass 2011:

1, Image and recover faulty drives with unstable heads or a lot of bad sectors or even some platter scratches, visibly imaging and recovering your wanted data;
2, Image and recover files by selective heads and selective files for Seagate, Maxtor, WD, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Toshiba, etc;
3, 7GB/min sector by sector disk image hardware solution and 8GB/min data wiping hardware solution wiping data permanently with our Data Copy King add-on;
4, Recover data directly from undetected Hitachi/IBM hard drives due to firmware corruption;
5, Recover data directly from undetected Western Digital drives due to head damage;
6, Fully combined with our Data Compass and all our HD Doctors (Seagate, WD, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba/Fujitsu), that means you can use Data Compass and HD Doctor Suite collectively or separately;
7, Fully configurable image options enable you to treat all faulty drives differently, view the data during your image;
8, Easily recover lost data due to file system corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, operating system malfunction and so forth;
9, RAID data recovery from Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 5E and Raid 5EE.

Data Recovery Case Study for Sharing
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In order to improve the success rate of Data Recovery by SalvationDATA data recovery tools, we decided to invite our customers to join this ‘case study sharing and improving’ activity. We sincerely wish you can share us with your unique data recovery tips and tricks and then we all can improve and succeed in this field. The most important, you are able to get our Data Compass 2011 software solutions soon before they are officially published at a later date!

Download the form of ‘case study sharing and improving’, fill it and send to and you will get the Data Compass 2011 software solutions soon.

Note: Please check the sample form to fill the form correctly if you are not very sure about what to fill.
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