Indican Pictures has High Times Ahead at 4:20.

Indican Pictures will release the action comedy feature Smoked. Three dopes try and outrun the local kingpin before he smokes them.

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – Los Angeles/California – This Oaksterdam themed action-comedy is loosely based on a cannabis club robbery gone wrong. Its "Green-Carpet" premier coincided with the First Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.

"SMOKED” gives movies like GOODFELLAS and SCARFACE a run for their money in all the usual departments while also delivering enough genuine laughs and overall comic insanity to make you think you just inhaled some of the wacky weed referred to in its title," reports HK Cult and Film News.

The film begins as three stoner buddies throw a house party that ends in flames after two thugs crash the party and literally burn the house down. Embroiled in debt and desperation, the three concoct a half-baked plan to rob a Medical Marijuana club posing as police officers. Unfortunately for them, the club is secretly owned by crack kingpin, Shank, who dispatches the feared killers, "The Four Horsemen," to catch the impostors. This pursuit sends a wave of violence across Oakland, killing Hippies, Ninjas, Naked Clowns and just about anyone in the way!

East Bay Express calls SMOKED "a wacky wild time with El Mariachi-style wild-west showdowns in broad daylight."

The film stars Jamie DeWolf, featured performer on "Def Poetry Jam," Rupert Estanislao, winner of Best Spoken Word Artist by East Bay Express and Abdul Kenyatta San-Francisco Grand Slam-Master. Cash. Crops. Corpses. They all burn the same, all they need is a spark.

Smoked is available in rental stores, retail chains, TV, including 180 million homes on Video On Demand throughout North America.

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