GalliaTech Announces The Ultra Functional Smartphone Project

What if you have the choice to use your smartphone as a real PC ? What if you have the choice to run on it the OS you want ?

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – Bordeaux / FR – What if you have the choice to use your smartphone as a real PC ? What if you have the choice to run on it the OS you want ?
Bordeaux, FR – April 23, 2014 – GalliaTech announces an Intel x86 architecture smartphone, running Windows, Linux and/or Android-x86. And a 12″ wireless HD touch-screen for better display in PC mode. The original idea for the ultra-functional smart phone was to design the most secure smartphone on mobile networks. Starting from a concept on which we have worked for over two years and for which we have filed a patent request, we designed the architecture of this smartphone and following the progress of our research, we found that it is necessary to be Intel ® x86 architecture (especially because of the advanced technology of Intel ® Processors Z37xx series that matched our needs). The ultra-functional smart phone made us realize that this smartphone could therefore meet at the same time the function of PC and the smartphone, since he could run under any x86 operating system (Windows 8.1 or earlier versions, any Linux distribution and even Android-x86).
Simplicity in design does not preclude refinement nor efficiency. More than that … have you ever seen such a complete and powerful solution!
Working on its design and potential features, we come to the conclusion that it is ultimately wise to make a high-end smartphone with the best of what is happening in the smartphones industry and at the same time the power and functionality of a PC. For a better display in PC mode, we have imagine a 12″ full HD touch screen using wireless video technology for video and audio ( with Intel® WiDi because the processor ability, and/or Miracast) and touch function through Blue-tooth. Thus the user can use this smartphone as a PC, finding his software universe which run under the operating system he prefer. The use on the smartphone itself or on the 12 ” wireless device when you’re traveling, or on any HDMI device (TV, projector, monitor … ) just by unplugging the key WIDI or Miracast from the 12″ device and plugging on another HDMI device, at home, college or office.
We have also devised a multitude of usable functions through many sensors, such as-measuring the thickness or the depths of objects with the ultrasonic sensor and a specific application. Or the temperature sensor and humidity and ultrasonic sensor for medical use by means of an application on which we are working.
With this smartphone, you can not only choose your operating system, but also the (RAM) memory size or even storage memory SSD size, since you can change them yourself if you decide to increase them. Making it possible to achieve up to 4GB of RAM and up to 1TB of SSD. You can use this smartphone with any USB device (similar as on a computer) through its full size USB-3 port.
For the network, this smartphone will be powered by WiFi 5G. For mobile networks, the power of two Intel® XMM™ 7160 LTE 4G Modems. The choice to integrate two modems is imposed on us to meet the network mobile security solution on which we work, however this will achieve impressive speeds on mobile networks.
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