Millionaire Ann Marie Puig Fuels Education with iPads Donation

Ann Marie Puig promotes educational innovation by donating Apple iPads to young students and educators in Costa Rican public schools, via The Omar Dengo Foundation.

Online PR News – 23-April-2014 – San José, Costa Rica – There are different ways of giving. Some people prefer to give in an economic manner, some give their time for the betterment of others and encourage them, while some give in an educational way. And then there are some whose generosity and commitment encompasses all three. Ann Marie Puig is a millionaire who is a crusader of any cause that will better the lives of the Costa Rican people.

Every donation she makes, every charity she backs and every cause she fights for, creates an environment that helps people grow and live better lives. Creating such an environment is not an easy task. There are times when generous people combine various elements that at first instance might seem contradictory. But, they very effectively balance enforcement and encouragement and in some cases also provide the framework that follows. But the starting point is always encouragement.

In its widest term, education includes provisioning of practical tools and positive models that can be used by people to attain positive results. Any investment that is made in educating the youth of today is the foundation of creating a more aware and prosperous world, tomorrow. The Omar Dengo Foundation has been running numerous educational and human development projects in Costa Rica for children, adults & educators.

Being the Change

This is an ideal way of bringing about a change and backing that change is Ann Marie Puig. She has donated Apple iPads to the students and educators in Costa Rican public schools via The Omar Dengo Foundation. It is aware and driven people like her who provide the much needed encouragement and the practical tools that will help in building a country that sits on a stronger base and one that will be able to sustain its progress.

Even more important than just giving, is the fact that Ann Marie Puig is prepared to enforce her beliefs against the people who act as a spoke in the wheel of this advancement. Though, in a larger sense, this donation might seem small, the millionaire firmly believes that if she changes even few lives that exist within the sphere of her influence, the reward will be worthwhile and that the endeavor, worth every penny spent.

Helping people, making them learn better and think different is a great thing and Ann Marie Puig wonders why people don’t do it more often. But she does not ponder too much on what the world should be doing to bring about a change; she forges ahead and becomes the change that she would like to see in Costa Rica. She feels that she has a short time to leave her imprint on the world and cheerfully gives her resources to accomplish this. With every passing year, this aware and generous millionaire finds the best avenues to engage her wealth in.

The Omar Dengo Foundation in Costa Rica is a non-profit, private organization founded in 1987. It runs regional and national projects in the fields of human development, new technologies and educational innovation.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a philanthropist in Costa Rica. She donates money to charitable causes in third world countries in Latin America and Africa. Ann Marie Puig also makes a major impact through her volunteering time to trustee’s that manage philanthropic organizations.

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