The Artisan Group® Delivers Handcrafted Bounty to 2014 MTV Movie Awards Crowd at GBK Gift Lounge

Crowd favorite The Artisan Group® met and exceeded expectations as it presented a diverse selection of its members’ handcrafted goods to attendees at GBK’s Luxury Gift Lounge for the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, which took place April 11-12 at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Online PR News – 23-April-2014 – Beverly Hills, California – The Artisan Group® ( met and exceeded expectations at GBK’s Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, with a beautifully designed exhibit table and its signature black swag bag filled to the brim with a diverse selection of handcrafted goods from participating members. The Gift Lounge took place April 11-12 at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

The Artisan Group’s gift bag this year was valued at over $1,000 and contained an assortment of jewelry; bath and body products; designer stationery and fine art prints; nail polishes; a handcrafted journal; trendy clutches; pet accessories; fine art photography and other handcrafted items. called this The Artisan Group’s "best [exhibit] ever." "LA Splash" noted the Artisan Group swag bag as "a favorite among guests…" said, "The Artisan Group delivered once again with a wide collection of trendy jewelry, spa and bath products, photography and other handcrafted gifts." An attendee was overhead whispering to fellow press member, "This is the best gift bag you’ll receive here today. TAG gift bags are amazing."

LA Splash

Visit The Artisan Group's online MTV Gift Guide to view all the products gifted to celebrities attending the event. Celebrity gifts are also available for purchase via The Artisan Group's MTV Movie Awards Pinterest Board.

"Gavin Keilly and the GBK staff gave us everything we needed to make this an incredibly successful gift lounge for our members," said The Artisan Group founder Valerie Guerrero. "Our members know the potential for the MTV Movie Award Gift Lounge to bring exposure to their brand with a hip, young clientele and they brought their talents and enthusiasm accordingly."

The Artisan Group also gifted GBK's 2014 charity beneficiaries, Los Angeles Youth Network, the Santa Monica branch of the American Red Cross and Autism Speaks.

Stopping by The Artisan Group’s exhibit were cast members from "2 Broke Girls," “Awkward,” “Dakota’s Summer,” “Grimm,” “Hart of Dixie,” “Justified,” “Nashville,” “Parenthood,” “Psych,” “Resurrection,” “Scandal,” “Shameless,” “The Good Wife,” “The Millers,” “Victor,” “Walk of Shame” and many others.

The Artisan Group members showcasing their products on display and gifting celebrities at this year’s GBK Luxury Celebrity Gift Lounge in Honor of the MTV Movie Awards Nominees & Presenters included Vicki Casillas, Affinity Jewelry Designs; Jill Jones, Bidwell Botanicals; Gary Hirsch, Botjoy; Amy Davis, Bow Wow Couture; Adriana Chloe, ChloeAlyson; Brandi Bowen, Ever So Lovely® Inc.; Mila & Payton Bartos, FizzCandy Jewelry; Sarah Struett, Four Black Paws; Sharon Gibbs, G. Dots Creations; Aileen Parks, Girl by Aileen; Julie Astrauckas, Julie Ann Art; Carma Wood, Kiyi; Heather Jean, Little Hill Jewelry; Anita Miller, Nature’s Images By Design; Stephanie Hovsepian, SassyBelleWares; Toni & Lily Perez, SimplyCarpine; Susie Gainor, SmiLe Styles; Emma Mann, Soap Cauldron; Jean Hutchins, Soap Revolt Naturals; Cindy Brunetti, Soapybliss Bath & Body Bakery; Kristi Baker, The Nib and Quill; Leonora Pesce, Yellow Heart Art; Sienna Kittelman, Zoe and Piper; and Yvonne Stewart, Zuzu’s Petals Creations.

The Artisan Group members gifting celebrities at the Lounge were Samantha Cooley, A Girl Obsessed; Amy Garrett, Alberta Handmade Soap Co.; Shannon Hedges, Bashful Owl; Mandy Harvey, Beadsme; Lori Bresette, Bracelets For Me; Jennifer DeHerrera, Dollipop Cosmetics; Rochelle Witt, Earth’s Own Bath and Body; Carleigh Pearce, Ellison’s Organics; Kaleen Wolfe, Flirt & Flutter Jewelry; Heidi Kinnally, HeidiLee Design; Julicia Hernandez, Julicia’s Creations; S. Maria Chheo Stella Shen, NailNation 3000, LLC; Paige Procknow, Pink Lemonade; Cindy Kassebaum, Rock & Hardware Jewelry; Lucy Chapman, Rosy Toes Designs; Jordan Clark, ScatterBrained Collars; Victoria Dao, Serum No. 5; Mitzy Page, Seven and Parker; and Shawna Wilkinson, Zoe Natural Creations.

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The Artisan Group® ( is an elite art promotions group representing talented small business artisans at the best celebrity gift lounges. The organization provides a collective sampling of handcrafted products to celebrities and members of the press at top luxury gift lounges such as those leading up to The Academy Awards, The Golden Globes, The MTV Movie Awards and The Primetime Emmys. The Artisan Group also coordinates product placement of its member's handcrafted products on such hit television shows as "The Voice", "The Vampire Diaries", "Parenthood" and "Scandal", among others. Membership in The Artisan Group is juried and by invitation only.

The Artisan Group is in no way associated with MTV, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association or The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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