Newest Sports Regeneration Product By Life Power Labs

LifePower Labs has reported the launch of this revolutionary new sports regeneration product called L-Arginine 3000 MG + Ornithine

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – Union City/NJ – Infinity3 Marketing Group of Roanoke, VA, exclusive distributors of the ever popular dietary supplements by LifePower Labs has reported the launch of this revolutionary new sports regeneration product. Named as L-Arginine 3000 MG + Ornithine & Glutamine Nitric Oxide Power Pump, this product was the need of the hour in the nutritional supplement market which is crowded with many products that promise a lot in fancy advertisements but fail to deliver results when used.

Narrowing down on the right nutritional supplement that can aid your workout or diet routine can be a tough choice because of a plethora of options available in the market. Many nutritional supplements are available in plenty in stores, however, with the entry of dietary supplement brand LifePower Labs, a niche has been created for special combination of multiple dietary supplements that are most effective remedy for weight loss and are powered with multivitamins. This special dietary supplement is called L-Arginine 3000 MG + Ornithine and Glutamine.

This product comes with the incredible benefits of L-Arginine and includes Ornithine and Glutamine along with Nitric Oxide and many other influential ingredients. This supplement is ideal for men and women both who are looking to grow muscle, speed recovery from injuries, lose weight, increase strength in the muscles, and improve stamina.

Many experts were involved by LifePower Labs in the making of this product. This product comes with a special combination of vitamins and nutrients and consists of 2985 milligrams of A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate), 15 milligrams of A-KIC (arginine ketoisocaproate), 75 milligrams of OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) and 75 milligrams of GKG (glutamine alpha-ketoglurate).

As one user named Frances remarks: "This wonderful supplement is amazing for keeping energy levels up while increasing oxygen supply at the same time, even beyond the workout session, which is great for me because I'm guilty not being faithful to my workout. It also helps soothe and heal sore muscles much faster, which is an added and much needed bonus."

This amino acid also supports Nitric Oxide production allowing for muscle fullness, pumps and vascularity for and helps strengthen the muscles. L-Arginine 3000 MG + Ornithine and Glutamine also assists in endurance, strength and resistance best suited for athletes, especially the ones training for marathons and triathlons that require greater stamina.

Another user Saralynn Edens says: “The dietary supplement has a nice pick-me-up effect without the jitters and is very safe and effective to use. I am glad to have begun using it."

The product L-Arginine 3000 MG + Ornithine and Glutamine Nitric Oxide Power Pump is available at for purchase on Amazon and comes with a 2-day free shipping promise for Amazon Prime members.