International Business Mentors Launches Family Development & Mentoring Process for Succession Plans

International Business Mentors is a leading organization that has introduced Family Development and Mentoring Processes for Succession Plans with a view to improving the performance of individuals and their family businesses.

Online PR News – 24-April-2014 – Victoria – Victoria, Australia – 23 April 2014 – International Business Mentors provide business mentors to train executives of various companies. We match you carefully with one of our experienced business mentor to improve your performance and help you attain your business goals.

Lately a substantial national family business, decided to get a personal development and a mentoring program from International Business Mentors to mentor all key family members including the 2nd and 3rd generation family members and key executives of their organization. The outcomes were very successful and well appreciated by the family business.

The main aim of this support and mentoring program was to help identify and support key family members and key executives to reach their own potential in their careers or businesses and accelerate their progression in the family business in the future. This program was designed and developed to reinforce the family bonds and to foster future talent with proper training, development, education and business skills to facilitate the succession plans in the family businesses.

Our International Business Mentoring approach is first to listen and then facilitate strategic thinking around your business or organization and to help you develop deeper insights through broadening your perspectives. Our Business Mentoring also helps you to better approach various business problems and performance issues, and promotes your development of teams. This assists you to better tap into their developing skills and experience. Ultimately, business mentoring provides great depth of support and development to Business Owners, CEOs, Directors, and Senior Executives with a view to improve their individual growth, performance and business across all types of business and other organizations.

In family businesses the family want to help its family members and other executives in their company by providing proper development and mentoring support. We provide our business mentors to assist in their individual development of their skills and future careers, businesses or other endeavors. Further, this is a stringently confidential service between you and your business mentor.
We work hard to understand the exact requirement of our family business clients. We appreciate that each person is at different levels and may develop through their own unique pathways depending on their experience, personalities, needs, ambitions and the specific opportunities that might arise in the business.

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About The Company – International Business Mentors offers business mentors to facilitate top-level family business succession planning to show how and when each family member and senior executives may be ready to step into the various roles needed by the family business in the future. Once theses plans are agreed our Business Mentors can facilitate the development, training and succession by mentoring the family members and senior executives. Our Business Mentors work confidentially with Directors, CEOs, Family Businesses, Business Owners and Senior Executives to give them proper mentoring support as a powerful approach to improving their contribution to the business success and business growth.

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