Millionaire Ann Marie Puig's Efforts- Damming Flood Problems

Ann Marie Puig meets with scientists from the Roberta Felix Foundation and the University of Costa Rica to explore solutions for recurring floods.

Online PR News – 25-April-2014 – San Jose, Costa Rica – The world is in protest-mode and every now and then, throws temper tantrums like earthquakes, tidal waves, storms and flash floods. Every time, any south Atlantic storm get transformed into a hurricane, Costa Rica reels since the low pressure dumps torrential rains across the Pacific Coast. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc in Costa Rica, even as it hit Jamaica and Haiti hard.

Resultantly, 200 families across the land were isolated by floods. In 2013, the country was put on alert for intense flash flooding and rapidly rising water levels have always been a common feature of rivers and streams in Costa Rica. Millionaire Ann Marie Puig has seen the state that the affected people were in and instantly knew that she had to do something that would change the situation.

She says that the danger in Costa is very different from the kind of hurricane-fed floods and mudslides that claim lives in the Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. She knows that her country has definitely done a much better job of hindering erosion and has made every effort to protect the forests that lie on its watersheds. To a certain degree, this helps in protecting the area from hurricanes but extremely heavy rainfall and the resultant flash floods devastate many areas and affect hundreds of lives.

The Determined One

Ann Marie Puig is determined to do something in this space and in classic Puig style said to herself that the best way to actually get something done is to make a start. In this effort, she has been meeting with scientists from the Roberta Felix Foundation and the University of Costa Rica to explore various solutions for the recurring flood problems in the country. Every cause that Ann Marie Puig backs and every action that she takes is based on some very strong and positive thoughts.

She says that if someone sits in the shade today, it is because someone was kind enough to plant a tree a very long time ago. And so, if she puts her energies into changing the flood situation today, someone will have a safe place to live in, tomorrow. Her motto is simple- To contribute in every way whenever possible, towards a good cause. This should be done regardless of a person’s health, problems or circumstances, because trying is all important.

She constantly gives herself permission to be irrationally warm, outrageously kind and improbably generous and stops at nothing, once she has made up her mind to give herself to a certain cause. Ann Marie Puig never forgets that regardless of how overwhelming life’s problems and challenges seem to be, one person can actually make a difference to the world. As a matter of fact, more often than not, it is almost always due to one person that all the changes that truly matter in the world, take place. This fierce and determined millionaire chooses to be that one person.

The Roberta Felix Foundation is a Costa Rican non-profit. The organization’s mission is to improve the quality of life poverty-stricken handicapped children & children. The foundation is also very involved in addressing various environmental issues.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a philanthropist in Costa Rica. She donates money to charitable causes in third world countries in Latin America and Africa. Ann Marie Puig also makes a major impact through her volunteering time to trustee’s that manage philanthropic organizations.

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