Offering ScreenGuardz For Handheld Electronic Device Protection
03/17/2009, the leading online superstore for phone and PDA cases and accessories, offers protective ScreenGuardz screen protectors. The unique screen guards are designed to help Palm, HTC, and HP, Apple, BlackBerry, and Motorola devices owners extend the life of their phones and PDAs.

Online PR News – 17-March-2009 – – AURORA, CO – Popular online phone cases and accessories superstore,, offers protective ScreenGuardz brand screen guards for various models of handheld electronic devices. The protective screen covers are compatible with Apple, BlackBerry and Motorola, Palm HTC, and HP phone and PDA models.

ScreenGuardz, which are available in both Ultra-Slim and HD Anti-Glare versions, are thin, transparent sheets covering the device’s screen to fully protect from surface scratches and dings.

“ScreenGuardz products provide the most effective portable device and cell phone protection available today. We are thrilled to offer our customers such an affordable choice for premium handheld device protection,” says Alex German of (

The Ultra-Slim ScreenGuardz screen protectors are specifically designed to protect screens from scratches that often occur from daily use. By using static to adhere to the device screen, the screen protectors leave no sticky residue to cloud or damage the display. Available in quantities of 15 per package, along with a squeegee for easy installation, the Ultra-Slim ScreenGuardz screen protectors are both affordable and long lasting. also offers HD Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz screen protectors for additional protection and glare reduction. Made from hard PET film which is similar to a handheld device’s screen, the HD Anti-Glare products are applied with a mild adhesive and are easy to remove. Available in quantities of 3 per package, the HD Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz work most effectively with non-porous device screens.

To help keep the ScreenGuardz products in optimal condition, also offers a ScreenGuardz micro-fiber cleaning cloth. Ideal for cleaning nearly all surfaces without the use of soap and detergent, the non-scratching, lint-free cloth easily removes fingerprints and other smudges without scratching the device screen.

“In today's economy, people are seeking low-cost ways to get more use from the things they already have rather than buying new. ScreenGuardz screen protectors are an easy and affordable way for people to extend the life of their favorite handheld devices. Our customers are continually amazed at the difference an invisible protective screen can make on safeguarding their device,” says German.

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About Operated by Aluron, Inc., ( is a leading reseller and distributor of cases and accessories for popular portable electronic devices. offers a wide selection of high quality, and multi-functional products specifically designed for PDAs, SmartPhones, cell phones, Pocket PCs and mp3 players, including ScreenGuardz screen protectors. By contracting directly with leading manufacturers from around the world, offers its customers a versatile collection of affordable and stylish carrying devices.

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