Minerals Search with Minerai.com the Newly-Launched Website

To know the list of minerals either known or unknown, please visit www.minerai.com.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Rangpur – The newly-launched Mineria.com has got what it takes for a website to be relevant and informative. It has the directory of natural elements or minerals the world can offer – both known and unknown ones arranged from A-Z.

April 21, 2014 – People nowadays can always turn to the internet for information they need to know. The online searching has become the practical platform of all sorts of knowledge. One website that is worth visiting to get useful information is www.minerai.com. It is a newly launched site that showcased relevant information on natural minerals either known or unfamiliar ones.

It is an informative website as it has a directory of minerals carefully arranged in alphabetical order intended for easy navigation and manageable search for users.

As the site contained minerals regarded popular or known, it also provided data on some minerals that are worth knowing and one is the Kalunite.

Kalunite as a natural find in nature is known around the world by names like alum stone, potash alum, tawas, potassium aluminum sulfate, potassium alum and others. As a chemical compound, this natural mineral has a chemical formula of KAl(S0₄)2.12(H₂0). It is described as a crystal mineral extracted by small-scale mining operations in some remote locations in Andes, South America. It is commonly used as deodorant, water purificator, astringent, leather tanning and other significant uses.

Helpful details on Kalunite and other minerals provided by the website that users can utilize evolve in the four items. They are: title or name of mineral, chemical formula, deposit locations, commercial use. Each mineral is supplied with image or photo.

A certain Joe Ferms, a parent of college student, upon knowing the site commented: “I am deeply grateful that minerai.com is launched because I always wanted my son to visit informative sites and for sure this website is worth recommending for homework and other educational activities.” He further stressed in a zest, “This site is a real MINE worth searching for!”
While other sites are observed to be static, www.minerai.com is a dynamic one. It encourages contributors or users to take part in the development of the site. Users can contact the administrator for any information on minerals they wish to include or add. This is part of innovation of the site in making the platform alive and interactive.

As what the administrator of minerai.com put succinctly where he explained: “it is not the intention of the website to be static as we welcome suggestions coming from users. We even encourage them to take part by adding more minerals to our list or our present mineral directory. Ours is a project in a process. We like as much as possible to involve our users in this relevant endeavor. We simply want to be interactive.”

Considering the status as a newly-launched website www.minerai.com has attracted more hits running in hundreds. It is an indication of how useful the site is to users especially to those who are passionate about nature’s gift embedded in precious stones and natural minerals.

Getting to know the list of minerals either known or unknown, visit www.minerai.com. It’s worth the search.