GoMo News uncovers massive disrepancy in handset recycling prices

B2B news web site for the cellular/mobile industry uncovers a massive difference in prices offered by handset recycling companies in the UK.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – London. April 22 2014 – When upgrading from a BlackBerry 7 handset to a more powerful (BB10 based) Q5 smartphone, B2B news site,GoMo News, discovered a massive discrepancy in prices being paid by British recycling companies. The highest bid (£31) was more than three times the amount offered by the lowest bidding recycling company - £9. The research proved that consumers really do need to shop around. The site also found that one recycling price comparison site in particular - SellMyMobile was much better than its opposition.

"We were surprised by the results of our research," commented Tony Dennis, managing editor with GoMo News.

"The best bid of £31 was significantly higher than you could expect to achieve on eBay where a locked Curve 9320 is typically going for around £19."

Dennis continued, "Most consumers also seem to be unaware that you can sell your old handset back to your current MNO [Mobile Network Operator] or MVNO [Mobile Virtual network Operator]."

"In this case EE (which now owns Orange) offered £14 to buy back one of its old handsets. That's about half what it's actually possible to achieve."

It is well worth noting that the BlackBerry handset in question - a Curve 9320, is still a popular model and therefore worth more than the scrap value of its components.

The site which many observers have regarded as the original recycling price comparer - Omio has virtually dropped out of the price comparison sector, GoMo News discoverd.

Omio's 'Recycle Mobile Phones' page is hidden under the Tools option on the site. Plus half of the links to six suggested sites on that web page no longer work.

One of the links is to Mozumba which again many regard as one of the industry pioneers.

Mozumba was also one of the sites which offered the least amount of money for the handset - £9.

Other sites which Omio mentions included Envirofone which offered £15 and Fonebank which offered £16.

GoMo News then decided to try rival price comparison site, SellMyMobile and found the best offer available (£31) - from RPC Recycle.

Prices for the Curve 9320 are probably bolstered by Asian countries - such as India and Indonesia, where BlackBerries are still prized and very much in demand.