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Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Sydney NSW – As mobile continues to expand its influence on shopping trends, new findings reveals a dramatic change in pattern of mobile traffic increase. According to a study on SMS marketing in Australia, mobile shopping trends shows a sizeable increase in the use of mobile devices for product research and coupon redemption, as well as explosive growth in the number of consumers who rely on their phones and tablets as they shop.

After surveying 20,000 consumers, the report found that over 80% of smartphone owners accessed retail sites or apps. And of those who used their smartphones while they shopped:

- 37% contacted a friend or relative about a product.
- 35% checked prices and availability online
- 23% acquired or redeemed a coupon.
- 12% made a purchase at the in-store checkout

While more consumers own smartphones than tablets, the study found tablet owners doing many of the same shopping activities, and by even wider margins.

- 45% contacted a friend or relative about a product
- 55% checked prices and availability online
- 50% acquired or redeemed a coupon
- 34% made a purchase at the in-store checkout

The report showed that slightly less than 10% of mobile consumers used mobile devices for product research, price comparison, and coupon selection.

Mobile Coupons Through SMS

The growth in mobile couponing is something that can prove useful for businesses and marketers who employ SMS to reach consumers. According to a company Reach SMS for SMS marketing in Australia, a spokesperson said - “While smartphone and tablet usage is on the rise, SMS can also be accessed by those mobile shoppers who use traditional feature phones before and during shopping trips. SMS messages have shown an open rate of well over 90%, and SMS texted coupons can have redemption rates as high as 68% when the campaign is well-promoted and offers an appreciable discount that can be redeemed quickly.Marketing research continually supports the use of SMS marketing as a fast and effective way to reach clients, as well as an inexpensive yet effective way to build a customer database and loyalty program.

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