Nanostate Introducing Waterproofing and Scratch Proof Nano Coating for Mobile Devices

NANOSTATE has introduced various different nanotechnology based waterproofing and scratch proof liquid coating products to protect your mobile devices, nobody wants to water damage for their new iPhone 5S or scratch the LCD screen!

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – London – Flash Flood is the only DIY product using the latest military telecommunications grade nanotechnology to protect your phones and tablets from liquid, rain, damp, condensation & moisture.
If your mobile phone or tablet has been damaged by water or any liquid, you'll want to find out if it can be repaired and 9 times out of 10 your phone is fried! Losing all your contacts, photos, videos and all other important information can be heartbreaking and very frustrating.
But now these issues are a thing of the past by using flash flood from Nanostate a coating uses the latest invisible nanotechnology to prevent your phone or tablet from getting water damaged.
No special machinery is needed, the coating can be done at your own convenience at home or the office, etc. the products come in a 5ml spray bottle and takes around 10 minutes in total to complete the application and then your phone or tablet has the protection it needs to keep it safe from any nasty surprises.
According to gadget site Gizmodo, Last year 900,000 mobile phones were victim of water damage, that's an estimated $90 million worth of scraped phones in just 1 year.
Alongside flash flood we have launched three other innovative products to prevent your devices from getting scratched or water damaged.
Liquid Sapphire is a permanent nanotechnology coating that prevents light to medium scratches on your LCD and gives you an increased clarity so you can enjoy your mobile phone or tablet as you were supposed. There is no need for plastic screen protectors which dim your LCD and slow the reaction time from your finger to the LCD sensors, causing a delayed reaction. Liquid Sapphire can be applied by hand and there is no special machinery required. It can also be used alongside flash flood to give you a scratch proof and waterproof device.
Titanium is a permanent nanotechnology coating that was developed to protect the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and MacBook Air from scratches on the aluminium body casing. Titanium is another DIY kit requires no special knowledge or expertise. It’s applied by hand and no special equipment is needed. A complete DIY solution and a very cost-effective way to protect your expensive devices from looking warn. Titanium can also be used alongside Flash Flood and Liquid Sapphire.
Flash Flood Green is a nanotechnology dip for the iPod nano and earphones. You simply dip your devices in the liquid solution and this will give protection for full submersion under water. This is great if you are a rapid lap swimmer and you want to have your music while swimming. This is a permanent solution and a one-time application that will last for a lifetime.
With 15 years in the nanotechnology field Nanostate launched in 2013, we are a new and leading innovator in the nanotechnology industry.
Nanostate boasts a wide range of nanotechnology consumer products and aspires to bring the best DIY waterproof and scratch resistant technologies for smartphones and tablets without any special or expensive machinery at affordable prices with guaranteed results.