Ann Marie Puig Adds Solidity to the Arias Foundation

Millionaire Ann Marie Puig donates an undisclosed amount to The Arias Foundation and backs gender equality.

Online PR News – 21-April-2014 – San Jose, Costa Rica – Generosity is what makes our world a much better place to live in. Not only does it improve the life of the receiver, it improves the life of the one who gives too. Despite this, it is a very rare trait today. Anne Marie Puig walks a different walk. She simply feels that there is no finite-sized pie and that her opportunity does not undergo any change even if someone else enjoys success.

In her opinion, the pie of resources will continue to grow even as society as a whole benefits from the success of others. This millionaire has always been altruistic and an idealist to the core and that is how truly generous people are. They have a very fixed image in their mind about how the world should be and they work ceaselessly to actually achieve that end. Ann Marie Puig is a die-hard optimist and always sees the world in a different light.

She knows that our world is not a perfect zone, but she never stops giving her time and money to see it become one. Her philosophy fits in perfectly with the objectives of The Arias Foundation and she too wants to be able to inspire and connect people through social and personal transformation. The final objective is to create a world that is compassionate and peaceful. This organization is renowned for promoting gender equality and democracy, demilitarization and disarmament.

Ann Marie Puig has donated an undisclosed amount to The Arias Foundation and has shown the world once again that she will devote her energy and donate her money for the good that she wants to do. She always says that she feels energized to go ahead and do some more good when she spends her time working for any charitable cause.

At the Fore of Charity

At first glance, this quality seems a little odd but Anne Marie Puig is never afraid to stand up and be at the forefront of the cause she is fighting for. She does not seek any popularity, is thankful for adversity and is generous in prosperity. This exceptional woman has muted her desire for want and allowed generosity to tide over. She is so connected with her present that it was no surprise that she immediately gravitated to The Arias Foundation’s cause.

Their body of work was something that caught her fancy and her philanthropic side rose to the occasion. In her typical selfless manner she has once again opened her heart to the people of Costa Rica. She is quick to admit that the world’s problems are not going to be solved by any one person and they may not go away completely in the future either. But perfection (or lack of it), has never slowed down her resolve and she forges ahead with vim and vigor on her philanthrophic pursuits.

The Arias Foundation for Peace & Human Progress is a non-governmental & non-profit organization based in Costa Rica. The Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, The Nobel Peace Prize winner, who was the President of the country, has founded this organization for the promotion of equality and peaceful and just societies in North America.

About Ann Marie Puig

Ann Marie Puig is a philanthropist in Costa Rica. She donates money to charitable causes in third world countries in Latin America and Africa. Ann Marie Puig also makes a major impact through her volunteering time to trustee’s that manage philanthropic organizations.

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