Technokolla grouting compounds: it’s the start of a new era

Thanks to three ground-breaking technologies, Technokolla’s tile grouting compounds now assure the utmost hygiene, water resistance and long-lasting color fastness.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – Technokolla now provides customers with not one but three reasons for choosing Technocolors, Technostuk 2-12, Technostuk G.F, Technostuk G.G. and Topstuk.
Research and studies conducted by the company have resulted in three new technologies which add further improvements to the standards of these products, already known for their excellent quality and the versatility with which they can be used for tile laying jobs.

Microshield System helps to prevent the development of bacteria, mould and mildew, thereby ensuring the utmost hygiene and creating a barrier against bacterial aggression. Grouting compounds featuring this technology guarantee a higher level of safety wherever they are applied. Laboratory tests have shown how the floor and wall tiles laid with these products are able to withstand the development of micro-organisms such as microbes, germs and mycetes.

Thanks to Color Save System, these new grouting compounds remain colorfast over time. This means that the colors will not change as the years go by, thus preserving the floor and wall décor and offering architects and designers the utmost freedom when creating unusual color schemes.

Lastly, as the name suggests, Water Repellent System is applied to the grouting compounds to make them water repellent. A precious feature for damp places, like tanks and swimming pools, etc.

Welcome to the future with Technokolla Technology.

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