Optometrics Adds Two Holographic Diffraction Grating Production Laboratories

Optometrics' two new holographic recording laboratories in Ayer, MA provides increased capacity to produce Master diffraction gratings for optical replication, reflection and transmission gratings, patterned optical coatings, and holographic wire grid polarizers.

Online PR News – 21-April-2014 – Littleton, MA – LITTLETON, MA - Optometrics Corporation has added two holographic diffraction grating production laboratories to its Ayer, MA facility. The new labs expand the company's existing capabilities and capacity for producing planar and concave Master Diffraction Gratings for precision optical replication. In addition, this capacity supports increased production of their patterned Polka-Dot Beamsplitter, Transmission Grating, and Holographic Wire grid polarizer product lines.

Optometrics continues to invest in our design and production capabilities to ensure delivery of consistent performance for our OEM customers

The laboratories enhance Optometrics’ existing capabilities to generate new master gratings and optimize their OEM customers’ instrument performance. "Environmentally and interferometrically controlled production on one of several diffraction grating ruling engines, and three holographic laboratories, uniquely positions Optometrics as a premier source of many forms of diffraction grating masters for consistent high quality, low cost replicas, and high damage threshold laser applications," commented Jay Zakrzewski, Optometrics’ Vice President, Business Development.

Most optical component suppliers do not have the in-house capabilities needed to produce a master diffraction grating for use in the production of affordable replicated reflection and transmission gratings. Instead, they acquire a master from an alternate source and produce replicas from it. This increases the risk to customers who rely on continuous supply when the master degrades or is otherwise damaged.

Optometrics also supports new OEM customers in need of regenerating less efficient grating replication masters, resulting in improved quality, manufacturing efficiencies, and lower costs. Many of these OEM’s benefit further through Optometrics’ related services of pre-aligned spectrometer sub-assemblies and precision optical replication expertise for critical mirror surfaces. "Optometrics continues to invest in our design and production capabilities to ensure delivery of consistent performance for our OEM customers," added Zakrzewski.

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About Optometrics Corporation: Optometrics is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Lean optical components, optical coating, and optical sub-assembly manufacturing company committed to supplying its OEM customers with high quality, cost competitive products and services. Operating out of a modern engineering and manufacturing facility purpose built for precision optical fabrication, system assembly and test, Optometrics’ technology portfolio enables key wavelength selection solutions within the many industries they serve.

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