PC-Doctor Releases Service Center 9 with NEW Bootable Diagnostics and Full UEFI Support

Global system health leader PC-Doctor, Inc. today announced the release of its latest PC hardware troubleshooting kit, PC-Doctor Service Center 9.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Reno, NV – RENO, Nev. (March 10, 2014) – PC-Doctor Service Center, which continues its tradition of being the kit of choice for PC repair professionals interested in quickly and accurately diagnosing the latest hardware platforms, now has some great new features!

New to Service Center 9 is the inclusion of PC-Doctor Bootable Diagnostics. Bootable Diagnostics has the similar look and feel of the traditional PC-Doctor for Windows Diagnostics, but allows for testing outside of the Windows operating system. This includes UEFI based systems which no longer support legacy testing in DOS. Bootable Diagnostics has some key advantages over testing in Windows while also providing useful tools such as PC-Doctor Drive Wipe, a utility that allows the clearing of multiple drives simultaneously.

An exciting update for the PC technician is the release of the enhanced Multipurpose USB Device, simply referred to as the MUD. With increased speed and color coded lights to show testing status, the MUD has been upgraded to boot Windows, DOS and Bootable Diagnostics directly from the key, eliminating the need for CD media. Expanded storage allows for the saving of diagnostic ‘Sessions’, a new concept in Service Center 9 for automatically saving system information and test logs. In all, the ‘Diagnostics on a Stick’ makes for a cleaner experience for the PC technician.

As with every new PC-Doctor release the industry standard Diagnostics and System Information are enhanced to cover new hardware platforms and chipsets as well as add testing for existing devices. This release is certainly no exception. A new Sensor Device category of diagnostics has been added to better support mobile devices, as well as a host of other new diagnostics.

“Service Center continues to be the tool of choice for PC service technicians because it provides the most reliable and up to date hardware diagnostics in the industry” said Bob Zaretsky, Director of Product Definition. “With the addition of our Bootable Diagnostics product and the ability to run all three diagnostic environments directly from the USB Key, service technicians will have much more flexibility in their troubleshooting. And with the wider distribution of UEFI based systems Service Center 9 makes low level bootable diagnostics available where traditional DOS diagnostics would not be. “