New eBook Fibles 2 Distills More of Aesop’s Fables into Short Stories for Modern-Day Kids

Author M.R. Everette offers More 10-Minute Tales to Kids and Parents on the Go

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Mesa, AZ – Fibles 2 : More 10-Minute Children’s Bedtime Stories for Modern-Day Kids!, is author M.R. Everette’s second book in the Fibles series with twelve more short stories about the untruths that may befall them in their lives, and the ensuing outcomes of their actions.

These twelve new short and entertaining stories with their quirky titles and loveable animal characters interacting in today’s modern world will continue to delight those young and old with their modern-day references and timeless lessons on the topics of truth, helping others, curiosity, hope, sharing, plus much more!

Author M.R. Everette’s carries over the character Gillmore the guppy from the story “The Guppible One” in the original Fibles, and puts him into another romping adventure in the new story “The Good Salmaritan”. Along with his swimming classmates Wally the walleye and Allwell the pickerel, they graduate from swimming school and go on a swimming trip up north with the salmon. However, the swimming trip goes awry when Allwell the pickerel gets too hasty navigating the rapids and jumping the waterfall. A timeless lesson in patience and doing the right thing is learned by all. By all means have fun and read Fibles 2 aloud! Fibles 2 is recommended for children ages 4-7.
“Fibles 2 are fun and pun-filled children’s stories that can be enjoyed by parents and kids. Younger readers will likely be entertained by the stories themselves…..and will certainly entertain a parent who is tired of reading the same old stories every night to their child.”
—E. Lucas—Goodreads

Fibles 2 is published by Publish Green, a division of Hillcrest Media, and is available in MOBI and EPUB eBook formats on Amazon , Barnes & Noble, iBook Store, Kobo, EBooks and many more wonderful e-tail sites.