Latest Video Created By Source Health Labs Outlines the Effects of Constipation and Weight Gain

In keeping in line with their promise to educate, Source Health Labs proudly announces a video highlighting how constipation directly provokes weight gain.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Houston/Texas – In keeping in line with their dedication to educate, Source Health Labs happily reveals a video detailing how constipation directly inflicts weight gain.

The motive is to familiarize the public exactly how an below par digestive system can weaken their diet plan.

Houston, Texas-- (SBWire)-- 12/24/2013-- With the launch of their latest health video, Source Health Labs is one more time affirming their commitment to communal awareness. This time the subject matter is irregular bowel movements and weight gain , with the focus being on how nurturing a healthy digestion system protects against undesirable calories from being held back into the body.

Jason Oglow, the media contact for Source Health Labs, made himself available to answer queries. He started off by specifying why the subject is of such importance: "Constipation is a issue that bothers every person at some time. The concern is mainly for the twelve percent who experience it 3 times a week or perhaps more. These are mainly females who are already combating weight gain . We wish to assist them to comprehend that by correcting their unhealthy digestive system , their odds of slimming down will enhance considerably.".

When asked to elaborate on how, Mr. Oglow gladly obliged. "The negative effect of constipation versus weight management is actually two-fold. Waste food items in the bowel are precisely that, waste. Extra fat , protein and carbohydrates that the body does not demand. The longer it is enabled to sit, the increased the possibility that the body will just reabsorb and redistribute. Of course for females, this fat deposit moves right back to the areas that disturb them the most. The tummy, butts, and thighs.".

"The succeeding dilemma lies with metabolic process. An unhealthful digestive system can slow down metabolic process making weight management efforts more difficult. Metabolism should remain high so that the body will count on its own fat deposits for energy. When it is reduced, this simply does not happen making it more difficult for females to reduce weight. We would like females everywhere to be familiar with anything that is hurting their weight loss efforts".

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