Wedding Videography: Qing Dynasty Singapore offers New Services

Recently Qing Dynasty, a popular wedding services company in Singapore, launched some new and exciting videography services.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Singapore, Singapore – Recently Qing Dynasty, a popular wedding services company in Singapore, launched some new and exciting videography services. The company, well known for their unique videos and photographs, offers exquisite pre-wedding cartoon animation and wedding day videography options. On the actual day of the wedding, a professional wedding videographer will be there to document all the essential and special moments of the day. Additionally, Qing Dynasty now offers a unique feature known as a wedding cartoon animation. This new creation provides the bride and groom with a unique animated short prior to the wedding day; a brand new modern treasure has become very popular with couples planning their weddings. Qing Dynasty offers many other services for their wedding clients and prides itself in offering high quality products at excellent prices.

The Wedding Videography in Singapore. Finding the perfect type of videography for you wedding in Singapore can be rather challenging. Even with a successful company like Qing Dynasty, you are presented with an assortment of choices and many different video options. If you have already decided on Qing Dynasty, you should know that they have made great advancement in their services and video types. After you have decided on Qing Dynasty, you will want to discuss with your future spouse the types of videos you would like to have. You need to coordinate whether video will be shot of you getting ready, or just the bride or not at all. You should also meet the videographer that will be assigned to your wedding to discuss the shots you prefer before, during and after the wedding. Great videographers will also have a keen eye for capturing takes of things you would definitely want recorded on video, but may not be on your list. Qing Dynasty wedding videographers excel at this sort of production.

The Custom Cartoons by Qing Dynasty

A great new feature being offered by Qing Dynasty is the creation of wedding cartoon animation video, you can view some of their works here These little films use favorite photographs, stories, and computer generated characters to tell the love story of the married couple. How this is achieved is that little animated versions of the couple are drawn out and plugged into a computer program. This program then is mixed up with the bride and groom's pictures to create a movie of their lives together prior to their wedding day. Many brides and grooms desire these animated cartoon video shorts because they are great keepsakes to retain throughout the rest of their lives.

About The Qing Dynasty Company: The Company began selling wedding services in Singapore in the year 2008. Among the services that they provide to couples include wedding videography and photography; professional wedding videographer and photographer, and special video and photo creations like animated wedding cartoon short videos and photo montages. Qing Dynasty has received video awards, great reviews from past clients and is continually pleasing their customers by providing excellent services for bridal couples. You can visit the website to see their photography and wedding videography or call 62720224 or 90466409 to schedule an appointment.

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