Stratus Financial Group International Set to Make Its Mark at the December Seminar in Tokyo Hilton

Stratus Financial Group International will be attending the Forex traders’ symposium in the Tokyo Hilton in December along with a list of keynote speakers. It will also set up trading stations to provide clients an insight into the trading software.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Paseo Colon, San Jose – Paseo Colon, San Jose – Stratus Financial Group International confirms its acceptance of invitation for the upcoming 2014 Forex traders' symposium in the Tokyo Hilton on December 20. A dedicated team of professionals, who are familiar with the trade industry, has set up the company to provide an edge to clients in trading like no other firm. They give customers total access to handle their respective accounts, while at the same time providing assistance of experienced traders, who have in-depth knowledge about the market. In addition to that, they give their customers admittance to a large pool of commercial investors from around the globe, allowing extraordinary pricing that no one can duplicate on any exchange.

The company has received invitation for the first time to the symposium scheduled for December 20, 2014. In a statement released by them, the authorities claimed being more than excited to attend and having a big lineup of key speakers. These professionals would cover all areas of expertise in the foreign exchange trading, in the process enabling fellow traders understand the terms of the business. Among the list of key speakers, attendees can expect notes from Dan Callahan, the Senior Vice President, who would shed light on the trading options for managing downside risks.

Other members of the organization such as Steve Rogers, William Rossi, Xavier Hoffman, Robert Lawrence, Peter Williams, Zachary Smith, James Gatlin, and Mark Rosenberg would personally handle different trading stations. Here, they will exhibit the process of downloading and utilizing the trade software for maximum benefit and minimal trading risk.

Stratus Financial Group International offers its traders spot and option trading on currencies as well as nearly every commodity. Qualified investors from all parts of the world can benefit a great deal, through their offshore institutional commodity trading. From fully managed accounts to self-trading, the company offers the best pricing and execution in the trade industry. In addition to the above mentioned key note speakers and members, they would be sending Magnus Torgerson and John Westbrook, who are two of their top senior portfolio managers. These individuals will help audience to understand how to trade at institutional levels without having to come out of pocket for millions. They have vast experience in handling billions of dollars of their clients’ money effectively.

The Costa Rica-based company is determined to make its mark at the symposium in December. Interested individuals can visit to learn more about the company’s offerings and learn about the advantages associated with offshore trading with them.