IntruderShield launched advance Burglar Alarms for enhanced protection systems

Burglar alarms are high in demand these days for ensuring protection of family or business. IntruderShield has launched advance systems for enhanced protection.

Online PR News – 22-April-2014 – Cotham PO /Kew – The rising incidences of burglary have enforced us to choose advance security systems to increase the layer of security. For this reason, IntruderShield has launched highly reliable and efficient systems to make it possible for homeowners to ensure high level of protection for their family or business.
IntruderShield has been in the industry for several years offering quality security solutions. However, the company now focuses on the innovative techniques and state of the art methods to design a device that cannot only alert you of the intrusion but give your prior warning thus allowing you to take immediate action against the intruder. While most of the systems are designed to warn you of the intrusion, means they play alarm signals only when the break- in has occurred. But with IntruderShield Burglar Alarms, users get an additional layer of protection when they get information in advance. In fact, the security systems force the intruders to leave your area and go elsewhere.
In this venture to offer their clients with enhanced protection, they have also added a feature to their device that it can be set in several ways to play more than one type of sound. It can also be set as Barking Dog Alarm producing noise like that of a bull dog which will make the prowler to go elsewhere. The systems are easy to manage and install. Therefore, it can make a perfect addition to any house without requiring messy wiring and hefty installation cost. Users can ensure the safety of their family by simply plugging it into the power socket. Whether you remain at home or not, these devices work day and night to ensure that your home or work area stays safe from the intrusion.
There are various other convenient features offered with these systems to make them highly advance to offer enhanced security to home and business.