Website Analysis Is Turning Business Profits On- What Turns You On?

Latest Website analysis tool identifies nasty problems stopping a website from reaping the financial rewards of organic search rankings with search engines.

“What Turns You On” the website analysis marketing campaign truly explains why businesses of all sizes are utilizing this cutting-edge website marketing tool, dubbed Your Website on Steroids.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – A Website SEO Analysis Can Get You Turned On with Profits.

Explosive Website Search Volume

According to Quantcast, Google’s estimated United States monthly visits in April 2007 were 2.5 billion. In June 2009 estimated United States monthly visits reached around 4 billion. More recently in February 2010 Google reached 5.5 billion monthly United States visits. Online search has extraordinary large numbers, and continues to climb. Ignoring this website marketing opportunity is too expensive.

Consumers are using the internet to obtain all kinds of information, along with making purchase decisions at rapidly growing paces. Businesses can benefit from online search engine exposure for brand recognition, prospects, leads and sales.

"Due to the enormous variety of search engine inquiries, I cannot think of a type of business that would not benefit from a listing on Google’s results page" states SEO expert, Randi Thornton.

Website Marketing Financial Burdens

Today more than ever, businesses need to be smart about every dollar they spend. In most cases marketing and advertising is one of their largest expenses. Traditional marketing methods appear to lack a good return on investment like they once did.

To most businesses, getting a worthy Google website listing is essential. There are two techniques to achieve a placement on Google and other major search engines result pages. First is through ethical SEO (search engine optimization) by obtaining an organic (natural) ranking and the second is advertising with what is known as pay per click. However, the cost often times associated with reputable website seo optimization and pay per click advertising can be expensive.

Website Marketing Complicated Challenges

Because of the profits a website can produce with an organic ranking for keywords that convert into sales, the competition can be fierce. In order to achieve top search engine placement your website must be better than your competitors.

Being better by implement paramount SEO practices can further challenge businesses and website owners for many reasons. SEO can be complicated due to the massive variety of factors a search engine uses to calculate placement and rankings. Also, search engines often change their criteria to determine what makes one website more authoritative than another. There are no get there quick solutions. Moreover, advice found online can be misleading and potentially cause more harm than good.

Implementing solid best practices has been challenging. Cost and expert advice can be difficult to combine. Since SEO, and a website analysis is complex it is often times ignored, or bad advice is followed.

Website Analysis- A Smart Solution

The new website analysis eliminates previous problems by providing a custom SEO audit of a website so businesses can quickly identify problematic aspects that maybe influencing their organic search ranking, without breaking the bank. Today pricing is $89.00 for these monthly SEO analytic website reports.

What is your cost when you lose a prospect to an online competitor?

The comprehensive website analysis has over 28 different ranking categories and reviews up to 1000 website pages. An example of categories include search engine placement, keywords for content, website popularity, domain name protection, broken site links, site structure, meta data and more.

Each category is analyzed and provides healthy recommendations and tips based on findings. Depending on your website size and complexity there could be as many as 3000 plus recommendations provided.

Another rich feature allows businesses to track their progress with website scores. Each website analysis category is graded and scored on a scale from 0 to 10. Once you have applied the recommendations, you can further verify that your site has improved by witnessing your scores improve.

If profits turn you on, this recent innovative resource is noteworthy.

There is no debate organic SEO can play an enormous role in your business profitability.

Now you have an affordable tool to turn your website into a profit machine.

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