Popular Maryland Skin Cancer Program to Use SunAWARE Sun Protection Program

Two Major anti-Skin Cancer Organizations to Collaborate on New Educational and Research Initiatives.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – The Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program (MSCPP) today announced its endorsement of the SunAWARE program as providing comprehensive and up-to-date advice on sun protection and skin cancer prevention. The MSCPP said it will incorporate SunAWARE’s five simple steps for the prevention and detection of skin cancer into its popular “SunGuard Man™” program for children, and will collaborate with SunAWARE on other educational and research projects.

“SunGuard Man™ and SunAWARE are an excellent fit,” said Roberta M. Herbst, M.S., manager, program development and communication for the Center for a Healthy Maryland, which administers the MSCPP, whose mascot is SunGuard Man™.
“SunGuard Man’s™ message and the advice outlined by SunAWARE are proactive and easy to understand. Both provide up-to-the-minute scientific advice on comprehensive sun protection, and both are family-friendly,” Herbst said.

“We are delighted to receive the endorsement of the Maryland Skin Cancer Prevention Program,” said Mary Mills Barrow, executive director of SunAWARE. “For more than a decade SunGuard Man™ has provided the children of Maryland and their families with sun protection advice delivered by a popular, easily recognized character. We look forward to a productive collaboration with the Program,” she said.

The SunGuard Man™ Program educates the general public through the SunGuard Man Online website, appearances by the SunGuard Man mascot, the SunSafe Preschool Curriculum and the SunGuard Your Skin elementary/middle school curriculum and annual Poster Contest.

SunAWARE is a not-for-profit skin cancer prevention and detection educational advocate headquartered in Minneapolis. The organization promotes skin cancer education through a variety of educational initiatives using the acronym “SunAWARE: Five simple steps for the prevention and detection of skin cancer.”

The SunAWARE acronym has been endorsed by the Dermatology Nurses Association, the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation, and the Melanoma Foundation of New England. The SunAWARE website provides daily sun protection information on its blog and also provides a number of free educational resources for teachers and sun protection activists. The five steps of SunAWARE are:
A - Avoid unprotected exposure at any time, including tanning beds, and seek shade.
W - Wear sun protective clothing including a long sleeve shirt, a hat with a three-inch brim, and sun glasses.
A - Apply broad spectrum sun screen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher to all unprotected skin twenty minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours while exposed.
R - Routinely check your skin for changes, be aware of the need for vitamin D, and report any concerns to a health care provider.
E - Educate others.