Bright Employment Careers Makes Huge Contribution to Australia's Agricultural Industry

Bright Employment provides workers that are equipped with a great work ethic and are anxious to get started.

Online PR News – 19-April-2014 – Not Applicable – Australia - Bright Employment is an exciting new labour hire company that contributes greatly to not only Australia's agricultural industry, but also to its culture and economy. Bright Employment has developed a new innovative concept. By employing migrants who are anxious to work, Bright helps agricultural farmers perform all of their large and small jobs. Farmers hire Bright Employment workers to complete their harvest, seasonal and contract tasks.

Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the number of migrants in arriving in Australia increased by 24.8 percent in 2012. Bright Employments offers contract, hourly rate and piece work labor to Australian farmers. Jobs performed include thinning, pruning, fruit harvesting, grafting, tree planting, budding, and orchard tasks. The company carries public liability, workers compensation and professional indemnity insurance which meets State laws. Bright processes the payroll with a single simple invoice.

Bright Employment Careers gives migrants, asylum seekers and refugees the opportunity to build productive lives and provide for their families. Bright's staff includes workers from the Hazaras and Sri Lankan Tamils communities.

The Hazaras, who have communities mostly in Swan Hill and Shepparton, are historical farmers who worked the valleys and mountain terraces of Hindu Kush. Their strengths lie in their entrepreneurial spirit and intelligence. The Hazaras quote that "When God was making the peoples of the world he finally came to the Hazaras and said, I'm sorry I can't make you as I only have a little piece of clay left. The Hazaras said, don't worry that is enough for us. Then God said, but I do not have any food left for you. And Hazaras said, do not worry if you make us, we will find the food".

Bright's staff also includes the Sri Lankan Tamils who have arrived in Australia from the Eastern and Northern regions of Sri Lanka. They have been farmers and fisherman since the Christian era. They built and maintain paddy rice farms. The Tamils are practical hard working and experienced farmers who are anxious to build productive lives.

Although Bright Employment Careers staff are traditional farmers, Bright provides training to increase the value of their worker's skills and productivity. The training improves the workers English, employ-ability skills and technical skills. This training and ongoing skill enhancement helps unskilled vegetable and fruit pickers progress into full Agricultural careers.

Bright's team of top managers are experienced in working with migrant communities. The community team leader is a refugee who arrived in Australia in 2000 and is active in the Hazaras community.

Bright Employment provides workers who are anxious and determined to do a good job and have a good work ethics. They are committed to self-advancements, hard work, education and training. They have complete work rights and have completed our skills induction training and our WH&S.

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