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Wahtips is a website designed to help people find real work at home without the fear of being scammed. Wahtips helps with building resumes, interviews, finding jobs that meet your skill set, plus links to researched legitimate work at home companies.

Online PR News – 18-April-2014 – Williamsport, PA – New website helps people find work at home – Wahtips is a website built to stop the con artists from scamming people who want to find work at home out of money. Not only does Wahtips offer links to legitimate work at home companies but they also offer a place to safely network and learn valuable tips like resume building and interviewing. A popular feature that is unique to other websites dedicated to helping people find work at home is the one on one chat option, customers get the opportunity to talk to the websites owner and receive personalized help. On top of that, there is a forum to meet like -minded individuals and help each other out with finding the perfect work at home career.

Owner, Amanda Davenport, says “The personalization that comes with this website is what makes it unique. We like to hold monthly webinars to help people meet each other and share tips, we also take scheduled phone calls if the person is more comfortable talking on the phone then in chat.” Along with the personalization, Amanda, goes to great lengths researching companies for legitimacy which can take days, sometimes weeks. Every company that is posted on the website has been proven that they pay and pay on time.

When it comes to working at home, logistics of the professional world are changing. Employers are interested in reducing overhead costs of payroll, including decreasing salaries and health benefits while attracting the right talent. Eco-conservancy groups are encouraging telecommuting as a way of reducing congestion and carbon emissions. Employees want diverse work options, and the typical 9-to-5 routine is becoming less attractive to employees as stay-at-home and telecommute opportunities are becoming more prevalent in the job market.

Wahtips also offers a great way for legitimate companies to find work at home employees or independent contractors.

system fee

Employers are attracted to work from home arrangements for several reasons. First, satisfied employees are more likely to deliver a more consistent work product. Second, offering flexible work locations will attract a more diverse workforce into hard-to-find specialty fields. Third, work from home talent reduces overhead costs of office logistics and operations that require electricity, heat, furniture and equipment.

Why people should work at home

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that the number of companies offering telecommuting is rising. The option to work from home or telecommute at least part of the time is now considered an employee benefit, and its use is increasing more than other employee benefits.>

Don’t be scared off by scams

Many employees would prefer to work from home but they are not sure how to find sustainable work that is not a fraud. Online solicitations promise to set up a home business with a defined product or sales technique that is really just a scam designed to get a fee for little or nothing. These online companies charge a "system fee" or a similar fee for people seeking to set up a company from home. They describe the benefits of working from home- including working in pajamas and a greater presence in the lives of family- and appear to sell flexibility. However, a company that offers a customer list for "guaranteed" sales is likely not legitimate. Wahtips knows what to look out for and does the research so the customer doesn’t have to. Wahtips not only researches but also gives the tools needed to perform research. A feature of the website is to share your horror stories. Wahtips wants to stop the people working these scams and keep customers safe.

How to Work At Home

Wahtips shows you not only where to apply for a work at home job but also how to get that job. They are dedicated to helping their customers 100%. There’s no more need to search through an endless number of websites and take the chance of being scammed. Wahtips is a family and wants to eliminate the fear that goes along with trying to find legitimate work at home.

Legitimate work at home opportunities are plentiful and growing, they are going to keep growing as long as the world gets more technology driven. Learn how Wahtips can help people cut out the commute and work from home, visit to sign up today.

About Wahtips - Wahtips was made to help people stop being scammed and teach them how to truly work at home. Wahtips started with sending emails out to friends and family and grew into a website. They are dedicated to fully researching a company before recommending them and are dedicated to personally helping their customers throughout the entire process from resume building to office set up. Wahtips is a family of people who just want to earn money from home.

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