Panama Drug Rehab Center Announces Free Airfare with Treatment

Serenity Vista Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Panama, Central America announced this week a new recovery program track that includes free airfare.

Online PR News – 19-April-2014 – Los Angeles/California – The Boquete, Panama based addiction and alcoholism treatment center announced this week the roll out of a new program track that includes free round tip air fare for new clients. The announcement comes just weeks after several other facility announcements including, a new lower-costing treatment plan as well as expanded holistic services.

Termed "The Free Airfare Program," Serenity Vista Treatment Center has designed it in such a way as to enable those that may find air travel prohibitive with limited financial means to still receive high-end rehab services within a luxury and clinically-oriented treatment environment in a beautiful part of the world. States executive director, John Derry, "For over 30 years I have remained steadfast to creating a high-end and highly effective recovery environment that merges the best of all addiction and alcoholism treatment services within a pricing structure that enables the general population with wonderful options typically not afforded them."

The program includes free airfare originating from the United States, Canada and Europe and is provided in the form of reimbursement on day 91 for those completing the 3 month residential rehabilitation program. Eligibility is based on an initial 3-month commitment, however; with consideration of the fact that its monthly cost is only $5,000 (US), the total cost remains well below industry standards as compared to other comparable facilities. The reimbursement amount is capped at $1,000 (US) and is part of a summer/fall 2013 promotion that is currently set to expire November 30th.

Located within the Chiriqui Province, Serenity Vista is situated roughly 50 kilometers from the Caribbean Sea, 60 km from the beautiful Pacific shoreline and islands, and close to various nature preserves, national parks, tropical mountainous rainforests, and other "spiritually fulfilling" eco destination spots that encourage inner spiritual growth. The facility has a maximum client count of 8 and provides very affordable treatment services to men and women struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse and chemical dependency. They are also among the few highly regarded centers worldwide offering smoking cessation programs.

Says Mr. Derry, "Studies have shown that those willing to travel far from their home comfort zone for treatment are more likely to abandon themselves to a new sober lifestyle, and if we can offer an alternative to the traditional Malibu, CA luxury-type rehab services available only to the wealthy, costing upwards of 100 thousand dollars or more, the door remains open to so many more whom are equally wrapped up within the grips of these horrible maladies. Addiction is 'an equal opportunity disease'....we believe effective, quality treatment should also be equal opportunity." The total cost for the above mentioned program is $15,000 (US) and includes all clinical fees related to the three month program.

For more information on this or other programs offered by Serenity Vista, you may contact their admission staff 24/7 at (800) 919-8023. Additional information is also available online at