Samantha Bond Announces the “Beauty After Ashes” Fund

Samantha Bond watched as a fire consumed her house on 3/14/14 and seeks donations for a fresh start.

Online PR News – 19-April-2014 – District Heights, MD – Samantha Bond watched as a fire consumed her house on 3/14/14 and seeks donations for a fresh start.
District Heights, MD – April 18, 2014 – Samantha Bond launches the “Beauty After Ashes” Fund on after family, friends, neighbors, High School directly across the street and the news channels watched as the all-consuming fire swallowed their house on 3/14/2014 at 2:00 pm est.
In as little as 30 seconds a small flame can become a major fire that ravages a home and threatens the lives of the people inside. Fires kill more Americans each year than all natural disasters in the United States combined. And even if individuals are spared, fire can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage—up to $50,000 to rebuild a kitchen engulfed in flames.

What's most alarming is that home fires have become more dangerous and devastating recently because of the flammability of the materials in the house. Thirty years ago, you had on average about 14 to 17 minutes to escape a house fire. Today, with the prevalence of synthetic materials in the home, occupants have roughly 2 to 3 minutes to get out. Fire testing conducted by UL has found a home with mostly synthetic-based furnishings can be entirely engulfed in less than 4 minutes.
Samantha is alive to tell you this story and is grateful to be living. In the midst of this fire, a vehicle exploded in flames!!! As tears roll down the cheeks of many bystanders and family members, their family cat "GINGER" managed to escape the flames losing a litter of kittens but she re-entered into the window of the house while flames were blazing high to save Monae Melson the youngest child of the house.
Samantha never wants anyone to experience this horribly unfortunate event. Samantha and her family lost everything and nothing could be salvaged. Samantha launched the “Beauty For Ashes” campaign on Indiegogo because they need your help. All donations will go towards emergency living arrangements, food, new transportation, rent, utilities, brand new clothes and all other emergency expenses for a family of 6 people. They cannot explain their gratitude to all the global supporters who donate to help their family. They'd like to start fresh and now looking forward with a passion for life. Help them in trading "Beauty for Ashes". Samantha states, “After we pick our lives back up with your support we will send updates and pictures to all who have donated to help us trade "Beauty For Ashes"”.
Please visit the “Beauty For Ashes” Project on GoFundMe:

Samantha Bond
District Heights, MD 20747