One Life Vest Launches Latest Innovative Organic Vitamin C Serum

One Life Vest, a southern California-based company is pleased to announce its new organic, all-natural, 20 percent Vitamin C Serum plus Hyaluronic Acid available solely on Amazon.

Online PR News – 19-April-2014 – Beverly Hills/CA – One Life Vest, a southern California-based company is pleased to reveal its brand-new organic 20 percent Vitamin C Serum plus Hyaluronic Acid offered exclusively on Amazon

This brand-new organic vitamin c serum efficiently reduces the effects of damaging freeradicals and begin to lessen the appearance of maturing in a few short weeks. Skin will appear visibly more vibrant and blemishes will seemingly be lighter. When used regularly, One Life Vest 20 % Vitamin C Serum must reverse the indicators of maturing and other damaging damage from environmental forces. Vitamin C has actually medically been shown to possibly boost the density of dermal papillae, or, the top layer of the skin, with the skin's own regrowth. Topical vitamin C could have healing effects for partial corrections of the regressive structural changes related to the maturing process.

Everybody's skin battles a fight daily with contamination, tension, and the harmful rays of the sun. Through time, these elements result in the skin revealing indicators of maturing by means of spots, uneven complexion, enlarged pores, all of which results in early maturing. Contribute to that a lack of sleep, exercise and inadequate eating habits and collagen will break down with time. This will trigger the loss of suppleness in the skin decreasing the look of youthfulness.

One Life Vest guarantees that the natural organic used in its Vitamin serum is a powerful antioxidant with organic and all natural infusions offering the best nature needs to offer. Consumers have actually experienced incredible transformations with enhancement in complexion and structure after just a weeks' usage. is devoted to offering both males and females the most sophisticated skin care items in the most natural method and at the same time, shielding the Earth and all its residents. No damaging ingredients are ever used in the items and no testing is ever done on animals.the Earth and all its inhabitants. No harmful ingredients are ever used in the products and no testing is ever done on animals.

One Life Vest, a southern California-based company is devoted to shielding the wellness of Earth's residents using natural and organic ingredients for their health and charm requirements. Obliged to discovering the safest and most advantageous ingredients that nature needs to offer, considerable researches have actually been checked on a myriad of plants in an FDA-approved laboratory. One Life Vest has actually integrated the incredible advantages of natural plants with modern science, to bring the best gift nature can offer.