New Release 'Episode #12 The Next Big Thing with Gary Spirer' Available for listening on iTunes

Episode #12 focuses on giving entrepreneurs information on how to possibly launch their business with money funded by others. If you are someone who makes things happen, and doesn’t sit around making excuses, it’s time to find out the next big thing in entrepreneurship.

Online PR News – 18-April-2014 – Greater New York City, New York – Greater New York City Area - “New Rules for Your Life and Your Business” with Holli Rovenger launches a new podcast entitled “The Next Big Thing” with guest Gary Spirer.

Gary Spirer is an example of a brilliant entrepreneur. He leveraged his MBA in finance from Columbia University to become an investment banker, investor, and entrepreneur who has transacted over half a billion dollars of real estate development and syndication. Spirer has also raised over $60 million of equity—$125 million in today’s dollars—from accredited investors and small funds for emerging growth companies. Spirer is the founder of the interactive video hosting, marketing, engagement and analytics platform Questionmine, which measures viewers’ opinions, insights, and answers to surveys, polls, quizzes, and segments and responds to them in real time. He is also an author and a public speaker.

Crowd funding is about giving information and convincing individuals to each give you a small donation or possibly even a very large one. The method asks people to donate money for a specific cause or project in exchange for various rewards. Crowd funding provides strategy especially for startups or early stage companies ready to take it to the next level.

There is much more than meets the eye to this concept of crowd funding. To know more about different factors that can better ensure a successful crowd funding campaign, you’ll want to listen to Holli Rovenger’s Podcast #12 The Next Big Thing on iTunes where she talks to Gary Spirer, author of Crowd funding: The Next Big Thing, founder of who is also an entrepreneur, speaker and a Crowd funding expert. Remember, with crowd funding there is no discrimination, only the presentation of brilliant ideas!

As Gary would put it, “Crowd funding isn’t just about how to raise capital or just how to build a successful company: it’s about what we can learn from the finding’s 7 step system to improve everything we do. Crowd funding is principles, patterns and models which can be applied to a wide range of business problems.”

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