Fleamarketyourway.com goes online, assures unparalleled e-commerce experience

With the avowed aim of transforming the concept of e-commerce forever, Fleamarketyourway.com, an online commerce site, goes live last Wednesday heralding a new erain e-commerce.

Online PR News – 19-April-2014 – North Miami Beach, Florida – On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, the world saw the birth of ane-commerce giant, Fleamarketyourway.com, with the tagline ‘We have the world in our hands.’Fleamarketyourway.com was launched with the sole purpose of alteringthe business concept of selling and buying goodsonline. With the launch of its website, Fleamarketyourway.com is convinced that it’ll change the way people normally understand e-commerce today.

Fleamarketyourway.com was conceived with the firm belief that online shopping experience should be democratized and rendered easy, enjoyable, and completely hassle-free. It guarantees a customer-centric approach to doing business. It promises a unique selling and shopping experience on a global scalefrom the luxuries of one’s home.Fleamarketyourway.com is at its customers’ fingertips.

Local vendors from all corners of the world can display their merchandise (old, used,and new)in canopies, which are virtual stores to be designed by the vendors themselves.On the vendor side, there are Main Room and Bonus Room. The Main Room will house articles for sale to potential buyers, while the Bonus Room will accommodate additional items that vendors wishto sell. Shoppers get to choose from an impressively large numberof products ranging from apparels, consumer electronics, books, crafts, toys, and pet supplies to rare antiques, coins,jewelries, musical instruments – all under one roof.

Initially, registration for canopy space is free for a limited period, after which vendors have to periodically make payments to book their space.

Shipment of any purchased articlesto any destination may be free, or local/international charges may apply; it’s left to the discretion of the vendors.

For a smooth transaction of its business, Fleamarketyourway.com uses the online payment system PayPal.

Fleamarketyourway.comis emphaticthat with the materialization of its dream of a unique e-commerce platform, the world of online commerce will never be the same again.Fleamarketyourway.com wants everyone to know that their future is here. People can sell with Fleamarketyourway.com, and people can buy with Fleamarketyourway.com. The message is loud and clear - brace yourself for a wonderful experience at Fleamarketyourway.com, and shop till you drop.

Powered by the e-commerce company, Buildeasier.com, Fleamarketyourway.com was formulated with global success in mind.It is its global character that appeals to everybody. Here one can shop today’s ways on a global scale. Shoppers can find anything under the sun to buy at Fleamarketyourway.com. The list of items available here is exhaustive and endless.

Fleamarketyourway.com highly values its vendors and shoppers. For Fleamarketyourway.com, they are the growth engines, and the raison d'être. They breathe life into it. They are its biggest assets.