SEO Copywriter gives away FREE E-book : 3 Simple Steps to Online Success

SEO Copywriter Gives Away FREE copy of her new E-book 3 Simple Steps to Online Success: A Step by Step Guide to Effective Website Promotion. Discover how SEO, Article Marketing, Copywritng, Email, Social Networking and much more can help businesses grow.

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – Las Vegas Based SEO Content Writer, Nina Lewis has written a New E-book entitled : 3 Simple Steps to Online Success: A Step by Step Guide to Effective Website Promotion.
" The e-book covers the Internet Marketing Strategies that are Free to Low-Cost, and will help a business owner implement new and innovative ideas." Explains Nina Lewis, President of Nina Online! A SEO Content Writing and Internet Marketing Firm.

The E-Book is a simple and easy to follow guide to helping business owners market their business on the Internet. It's only 43 pages, but it is packed with simple yet powerful Internet Marketing Strategies that will help a struggling to profitable business owner figure out how to market their business effectively on the Internet.

Even though the book is geared towards Solo professionals like Colon Hydrotherapists, Freelance Writers, Coaches, and Consultants, it can be a basic guideline for almost any business who wants to learn how to market their business online. From Medical/Day Spa owners, infertility specialists, to podiatrists can discover these simple and easy ways to decrease costs and enhance profits. Simply by implementing FREE to Low-Cost Marketing Strategies.

Lewis covers a variety of strategies that include, Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Online Press Releases, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Copy writing and much more. You can grab a FREE copy of the book and by visiting

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