How to painlessly Relocate to Germany- A New Guide!

The ultimate guide to help you relocate to Germany is now available! Full of tips on what to bring, what to expect from German immigration officials and day to day life in this Wunderbar Country, this guide will make Your journey to Germany a painless one!

Online PR News – 20-July-2010 – – Canada-20th of July 2010

Journey to, a web-site aimed at helping others relocate to Germany and learn about this beautiful country, announces the release of their Ultimate Guide 'How to painlessly relocate to Germany.' "We want to offer our readers a guide that complements our website. This book goes beyond our site with the addition of new sections such as Radio and TV, Religion, the Laws, printable list of documents to bring with you, etc.," states Mrs H.Dompierre, Journey to's Webmaster.

'How to painlessly relocate to Germany' gives information about what needs to be done before the relocation, how to deal with German bureaucracy, what documents are needed, etc. "This guide will help you navigate through it all, avoiding the numerous pitfalls, from the moment you decide to move to
Germany to your first enjoyable outing in this great country," said H.Dompierre.

How to painlessly relocate to Germany allows you to:

- Get ready for the move

- Know what to expect once you are in Germany

- Avoid mistakes while dealing with German officials

- Print a list of important documents to bring with you

- Relocate with a peace of mind

"IT is THE ultimate eGuide to make your move headache free! We only wish such an eGuide was available before we moved to Germany!" said H.Dompierre.

How to painlessly relocate to Germany eBook is now available in PDF format online for the price of US$9.99. For more information on Journey to Germany's eBook visit:

Journey to, is an online web-site specializing in relocation and everyday life in Germany. "We use our own experience in relocating to Germany to provide our readers with up to date information," said H.Dompierre. For additional information please visit our website at:

Disclaimer: Although every precautions were taken in order to give accurate and up to date information at the time of its creation (2010), it is possible that some administrative German procedures will or have changed since then. It is important to ask the proper authority for
more info in case of doubt.

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