Keypoint to lead the way in the provision of cheaper business telephone systems

Keypoint’s mission, since it moved in hard on the traditional stamping grounds of BT and the other large names in telephone and communications service provision, has been to provide an alternative definition of cheap phone calls.

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – One that means what it says, rather than hiding what it is. Traditional tariffs have crippled businesses (not such a good move, in the depths of the worst recession to hit this country in decades) with all sorts of hidden extras, binding costs and punishingly unfair charges. Keypoint’s alternative tariff made everything a lot simpler. Pay for what you want, when you want it, and only ever pay the same rate and now its going to apply the same principles in the provision of business phone systems.

Kent based communications provider Keypoint Communications has brought VoIP PBX to its business customers, further widening the gap between its old guard competitors (who are still reeling from Keypoint’s cheap phone calls initiative of 2009) and its own runaway success.

Keypoints philosophy is being put through a technological turbo charger as Keypoint brings its VoIP PBX into full effect. VoIP PBX, which is a tech savvy way of saying Voice over Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange (and that’s a tech savvy way of saying cheap net based switchboard), offers the functionality of a major business phone service for the price of a single item. Which means, effectively, that Keypoint are now able not only to offer business customers a pay per item policy (which prevents them spending unnecessary cash on stuff they don’t use), but offer them a single cheap item that does more than all the useless packages BT and friends have been selling.

Previously, Keypoint were offering single items for individual prices – so if a business needed caller ID, or call forwarding, they’d pay for it. BT, on the other hand, and its “co conspirators” in the great business communications swindle, was trying to get customers to buy unwieldy and expensive packages containing call forwarding, or caller ID – on the basis that paying for a lot of stuff you don’t need in order to get something you do represented a chance to print money. Now, Keypoint are able to offer more stuff than a business customer gets in one of those packages – but for the price of just one item.

VoIP PBX is the way forward as the technology doesn’t require the installation of a lot of expensive new kit because it’s basically a software application that can be added to an existing business comms network. All it needs is a computer network and phone lines – both of which any small or medium sized businesss will almost certainly already have. The net result; voice mail and call forwarding, whilst still available from Keypoint as single add ons to their business phone systems, are also available in tandem with the hundreds of other applications a VoIP PBX system can give. All for the price of a single affordable item.

Keypoint Communications, and its child company Cheap Business Calls, supply itemised phone billing and priced-per-item phone systems to UK business.