The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Releases Herpes Treatment

Herpes is a highly infectious and contagious issue which is also a type of chronic disorder. Though chronic, Herpes is not a life threatening medicine. It has a high infection rate which is why one is required to be aware of the symptoms and also know how to be hygienic.

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It is observed that the genital herpes is the most commonly affecting issue of HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus. Medications on immediate basis are the best and it is always the best to have first preference over natural medicines or remedy. This in turn helps in boosting the overall health as the immune system finds immediate power to inhibit the spreading of the infection. There are various symptoms to the infection and finding blisters and painful sores are among them.

Herpes curing is not permanent as the issue stays for long and hence the treatment methods enable prevention of further spreading of the issue in any case. Herpes fades away after certain period of time but it stays back and remains dormant.

The first outbreak, the virus moves to the nerve cells followed by becoming dormant. One requires cutting various issues such as illness or stressing which actually might cause infections due to the compromised immunity process.

Start by improving one’s diet: Make use of rich foods that involve iron, minerals, zinc, vitamin B and c for strengthening the immune system. Intake of vegetables, fruits that involve carrots, apricots, cabbage, mangoes, etc are to be consumed for a better diet. It is recommended that a person should avoid smoking, junk food, alcohol and too much of sugar content.

Using olive oil during the process enables one to have a better treatment. One has to externally apply the oil. The mechanism involves cooking of the oil in a pot and addition to it, put lavender and bee wax. Application of the product helps in easing the infection and cutting the spreading process of the infection in a person.

Another treatment by herb is by making use of Prunella Vulgaris as an active solution for herpes.
It is an added advantage to have ice pack application on the infected area so that a person can have good reduction in swelling and pain.

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