Acclaimed Drummer Lang Zhao Continues Breaking New Ground With New Single 'Flipped'

Lang Zhao, a top drummer known for his work with innovative Chinese metal band Voodoo Kungfu, has released a new single entitled "Flipped," furthering his career of blurring musical boundaries.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Los Angeles – The award-winning drummer Lang Zhao, known for his solo work and a member of The Hard Way and trailblazing Chinese metal group Voodoo Kungfu, has released a new instrumental single, “Flipped.” The song, which is available now on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby, combines a cinematic atmosphere with traditional pop structure. It’s another chapter in Lang Zhao’s deeply accomplished work in fusing disparate musical sources to create new, unlikely sounds.

Zhao, an alumnus of the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, brings an esteemed pedigree to his genre-mixing projects. As a national finalist in the Sabian Drummer Contest and the recipient of many accolades including China’s Ministry of Culture National Gold Medal, Zhao’s accomplishments are cross borders and oceans.

With “Flipped,” Zhao saw an opportunity to twist traditional pop conventions into cinematic orchestration with some progressive metal ideas. It represents Zhao’s intention to avoid repetition and creative stagnation, while marking the type of music the world-famous musician may be moving into next.


"It’s very mainstream, but the approach is still very different," says Zhao on his new single. "I wanted to creative a movement or impulse to accelerate the song’s energy into a climax. It should be interesting to combine [these genres] for an album or EP."

He counts his peers among his advocates. "The music of ‘Flipped’ contains very dynamic, agile movements, lots of energy, and gives a sense of hope," says recording engineer Cheng Sha.

The release puts a feather in the cap of a successful year of achievement for Zhao. Following up his precedent-setting live performance on DrumChannel, a mainstay in drumming education, The Hard Way opened for Billboard chart-topping metal act, Steel Panther, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Zhao’s pioneering heavy metal band, Voodoo Kungfu, is also an envelope-pushing success story that works traditional Chinese musical influences into today’s cutting edge heavy metal. They’re expected to begin recording a new album focused on top tier production quality in a fully equipped studio.

"The production will be on a different level," says Zhao, optimistic about the opportunities on the upcoming Voodoo KungFu album. "The challenge is always, 'How do we make it fit and combine seamlessly, while maintaining the original character of the music?'"

It seems that for accomplished innovators like Zhao, the challenge will always remain and point toward the new and unique.

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Lang Zhao is a top tier drummer from China who has received the Ministry of Culture gold medal.