Valley Foot Surgeons Hospital Brings You First Class Podiatrist Treatment In Phoenix

Valley Foot Surgeons has always been the number one choice for the patients who are suffering from foot and ankle problems.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – New York – Valley Foot Surgeons has always been the number one choice for the patients who are suffering from foot and ankle problems. Award winning surgeons are part of the hospital located at Phoenix and Scottsdale in Arizona where comprehensive foot and ankle treatments are provided to the patients. Dr Richard Jacoby who is regarded as the most renowned Podiatrist in Phoenix is associated with the esteemed Valley Foot Surgeons Hospital.

The best part of the doctors and staff at the hospital is that they treat all the patients like their own families. To know the details of the treatments carried out at Valley Foot Surgeons Hospital, visit the website The treatments that are carried out in the hospital for treating various foot and ankle problems include ankle ligament reconstruction, foot and ankle arthritis, diabetic foot treatment, laser foot treatment, peripheral neuropathy treatment, Achilles tendon repair and reconstruction treatment and stem cell injections for regenerative medicine.

Those of you who are suffering from foot and ankle problems can take the help of the podiatrists from the Valley Foot Surgeons Hospital by filling up the “Person Information” form available at the website Here you need to give the personal information including the problems that you are suffering from. After submitting the form, the experts from the hospital would be able to help in relieving your pain. You can also request an appointment with the doctor of the hospital by calling up the hospital in the number 480-994-5977.

Different treatments available at Valley Foot:

There are various operative and non operative treatments available in the hospital. Most of the foot and ankle problems can be solved without surgery and the Valley Foot Surgeons Hospital has mastered the non operative treatments. The laser therapy treatments used by the surgeons have been able to help the patients to a great extent. The bracing and the orthotics are used when the patients complain of problems such as flat feet, hammer toes, bunions, arch disorders and so on. Injections are specially used when the patients are suffering from ankle pain or any wound problem.

Diabetic patients with foot and ankle problems are taken special care in the hospital as the doctors here are experts in treating diabetic wounds. With the help of individualized laser treatment and stem cell injections, the diabetic wounds are treated. The doctors also prescribe special nutritional diets for the patients with foot and ankle problems so that they heal quickly.

About Valley Foot Surgeons:

Valley Foot Surgeons has been treating patients suffering from foot and ankle problems for the past three decades. Every patient is treated with utmost care and compassion with the latest innovative therapies. The doctors at Valley Foot Surgeons do not believe surgery as the only solution to ankle and foot problems and hence they use multiple treatment options for relieving the pain and providing relief to the patients. Patients come with various conditions and the doctors provide them with the right solutions. As for example, those who are suffering from bunions are offered minimal invasive surgery as a solution for recovering in a short period of time.