Could Quirk Lead to Success? Remabulous Coaching Declares July “International Quirk Awareness Month

Could the very quirks you try to hide from the world be the very things that could make you rich?

Online PR News – 21-July-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA Could the very quirks you try to hide from the world be the very things that could make you rich?

Each of us possesses characteristics and eccentricities that make us unique: these quirks should be discovered, nurtured and revealed because this revelation can help you understand your business and reach maximum potential, says Caroline Donahue of Remabulous Coaching ( . Donahue has dubbed July “International Quirk Awareness Month,” encouraging entrepreneurs and business owners to take some time this month to break out of old patterns and dive deeply to decipher which qualities are unique to them and how to apply them in business and when connecting with customers and clients.

"We were taught to follow rules and to find the ‘right’ answer in school, but what we're seeing now in business is that the same old thing isn't working,” says Donahue, founder of Remabulous Coaching. “Businesses that do things in an outdated and predictable way are going under. We're watching the people and businesses with the courage to be different, unique and authentic get the best results. People like TOMS shoes and writer/filmmaker John Waters are great examples where quirk has created loyalty and buzz. If people are brave enough to be their odd, wonderful selves in public, this is the time that business will benefit from that. We want more people to own their quirks and step up as themselves this month."

Remabulous Coaching ( helps entrepreneurs and business owners with time management and effective business planning and expansion. Donahue is a business coach and a productivity coach. She uses her training from The California Institute of Integral Studies, where she earned her MA in counseling psychology, and years of experience as a business coach to help clients discover their strengths and tap in to their individuality in a unique way.

Donahue provides three tips for getting in touch with your quirk:
- “Ask friends and family which activities, events and articles immediately make them think of you. What crazy adventure would they want to invite you on? What hobbies or habits do they find quirky? Sometimes it's difficult to see your own quirk and asking those close to you gives you better perspective.

- Think about the activities that get you totally fired up, but that you don't necessarily want to broadcast to the world. These are quirks. And unless it's illegal, you should share it with your audience immediately. Connecting around this will create loyalty among your clients and customers.

- What was your favorite movie when you were a kid? Rent it and watch it again and think about all the things you loved to do when you were little. How could you incorporate that into your business today? Internet marketing sensation Frank Kern loves white dogs, so he had a "white dog" sale. This was fun and memorable. What's your white dog?”

Remabulous has five spots available for Quirk Behind the Work one-day intensives with Donahue. These private sessions allow clients to get in touch with their quirk and build it into a business plan. Intensives include follow up to support participants in implementing the plans they develop during their day-long session with Donahue.

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