Trey Wood Wins Combi Am-Tec And On Way To Summer X-Games Austin, Texas 2014

Rocking the skateboarding world with power and style this 13 year old from Arizona is making shock waves

Online PR News – 16-April-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Trey Wood stylishly claimed first place at the Vans Amtec Combi-pool for 14 and under skateboard competition in Orange California. This is a major achievement when considering the talent of skateboarding youth in the world right now. This sensational win gives Wood momentum going on to compete at the Kia World Extreme Games China in April and later this summer at the X-Games Austin, Texas in July.

“Trey Wood is off to a great year, looking forward to X-Games Big Air 2014” –Chris Kelley

We are about as excited as you can get with all this positivity so early in the year 2014 will be a great year for Trey Wood and Uncle Skate promoting our mission statement to help skateboarders all over the world.

Trey Wood won the combi Amtec skate competition at just thirteen years old. He has shown his talent and is an example to kids who thought it would never be possible to get so far in life at such a young age. Despite his age, he is quickly becoming an example and leader to other kids.

“We are about as excited as you can get with all this positivity so early in the year, 2014 will be a great year for Trey Wood and Uncle Skate promoting our mission statement to help skateboarders all over the world." -- Mathew Nobert - Uncle Skate Charity Board of Directors

China will again play host to Wood at the KIA World Extreme Games from April 30-May 3rd from the KIC Jiang Wan Sports Center in Shanghai's Yangpu district for the sixth consecutive year. Wood will be competing in the Mini-Mega-Ramp competition. The 14th edition of Asia's premiere action sports event will feature more than 150 athletes from more than 30 countries, treating fans to world-class competition in the sports of Skateboard, BMX, Aggressive In-Line Skate and Moto X Big Air demonstrations. Competitors and spectators can look forward to a newly designed street course during this year's event, while viewers can catch the broadcast live on ESPN STAR Sports' networks across Asia and Shanghai Media Group's Great Sports. The event will be telecast on ESPN International networks in the United States, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and Africa. Online coverage will be found here at

Born in 2000, Trey Wood first jumped on a skateboard at the age of three, skating competitively by the age of six. He came up in Arizona where he caught on quickly with his craft at local skate parks and skate spots, often skating with old legends who saw that spark in "little" Trey.

Many action sports fans know Trey from his debut at the 2012 Los Angeles X Games Big Air event. At the then age of eleven, Trey was and remains one of the three youngest athletes in history to compete in the X Games.

Trey is most happy when on a skateboard whether he is on Vert, MegaRamp, bowls or any street landscape worldwide.

In the words of Trey,
“I live to skate and skate to live.”

Over the last year, the organization, Uncle Skate, has jumped many hurdles and become a charity that is achieving its goals and setting even higher ones. With the board of directors and the team riders, this organization is rapidly having a huge impact. Donating skateboards to children who can’t afford to buy ones themselves is allowing children to stay out of trouble and do something that is active and productive. To find out more or donate visit To learn more about Trey Wood visit and follow him on Instagram at @treywood

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Uncle Skate Charity is a non-profit foundation for skateboarders and their mission is to donate free skateboards to children around the world by connecting to the world by the use of global contributions of equipment and skateboards. They help people both young adults and children to realize their potential and help build their future. This charity created a sense of awareness especially to those less fortunate all over the world and they have developed vital components that can provide lasting and direct effect on young people lives.

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