Dr. Isaac Richmond Announces Run for Tennessee’s 9th Congressional District

Dr. Isaac Richmond's campaign will focus on the unjust criminal system, economic justice, education and defending the rights of "The People."

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Memphis, TN – Dr. Isaac Richmond has formally announced that he is running for the Congressional District seat, (TN-09).

For over twenty years, the acclaimed scholar and author, Dr. Isaac Richmond, and President of CORR (Commission On Religion and Racism), has been actively working for social change in education, health care, economic development, racial discrimination, criminal justice, and more .

From Memphis, Tennessee to throughout the United States to Africa, those who know Dr. Isaac Richmond knows that he goes beyond being just a face and a smile, he is a man that holds special interest groups and party politics accountable.

Unafraid of using his voice as an instrument to empower, teach and train people about their rights and what is going on behind the curtain, Dr. Isaac Richmond has been arrested and faced judges in hundreds of courtrooms and has risked everything with and for the people.

Dr. Richmond looks to be a part of Congress in hopes of providing solutions that will go beyond talks of budget balancing, raising awareness on what is going on in Washington and who's the blame (Republicans vs Democrats).

An avid protestor whose more than just about talking and more about doing, Dr. Isaac Richmond knows that the task will not be a simple one to bring innovation into Congress and that "a rolling stone gathers no moss." With the support of the community and loyal volunteers, Dr. Isaac Richmond believes we all can advance beyond the stagnation.

Dr. Isaac Richmond states, "If I am elected, once I am in office, I will make it my duty to initiate over 100 neighborhood meet-ups with the constituents to hear your greatest concerns and get your permission to allow me to work for you. Then I will use my new position to bring about change."

Be sure that you make your voice heard at the polls no matter who you vote for, your vote counts. - Dr. Isaac Richmond

For press inquiries or interviews with Dr. Isaac Richmond, please call 901-870-5267 or email corrnational@gmail.com

To learn more about Dr. Isaac Richmond and more of what he has done, is doing and is ready to do for Tennessee and abroad, visit his website at http://www.DrIsaacRichmond.com

When to vote:

First Day of Early Voting July 18, 2014

Last Day for Early Voting August 2, 2014

August 7, 2014 - Federal & State Primary and Shelby County General Elections

November 4, 2014 - General Elections

Where to vote:

157 Poplar Avenue
(Downtown) Memphis, TN 38103

Shelby County has 20 Satellite Early Voting locations in addition to the Downtown Memphis location.

For more information on voting visit: http://www.shelbyvote.com/index.aspx?NID=158