Nuts Can Help You Stay Cancer Free, a SecretFast Doctor Says

SecretFast kicked off its first experiential week with a renown surgical oncologist Richard Godfrey, one of the members of the "52 Rotating Doctors" program. Dr. Godfrey came up with three different daily intake from different cultures which would improve our health.

Online PR News – 18-April-2014 – Los Angeles/California – "SecretFast" started its "52 Rotating Doctors" program with renown surgical oncologist Dr. Richard Godfrey last week of March this year.

The experiential weekend kicked off, with excited guests, sitting at the pergola, asking many questions ..

Dr. Godfrey's first topic was a concern for each one of us: "How To stay cancer free!"

His opening line was even more dramatic: "Well, we all have a bit of a cancer..."

Then - the questions & answers started to fly.

*** ***

Godfrey is also a bee keeper. He has been studying the habits of the bees for years. "We can learn so much about ourselves, from watching the bees!" he claimed, while telling fascinating stories about his trails on the path of the queen bee, her behavior, longevity.

Godfrey brought with him, honey he harvested himself. A spoon a day, he suggested, could contribute to our health. Even better - one spoon in the morning, second one at night, - just before we go to sleep.

Since "SecretFast" guests are usually interested in weight loss as well, Dr. Godfrey brought with him nuts and almonds. "A fist size of nuts (or almonds) a day," he promised, "can help you lose weight!"

Then, realizing one of his listeners coming from Turkey, he continued: "In Turkey, cancer rate is very low compare to the Western world. One of the reasons has to do with the daily amounts of different nuts they consume daily."

Suddenly guests, by then already well-relaxed, did not waste any moment: they started to dive into the bowls of nuts in front of them.

After that - he offered everybody "Dr. Godfrey's Hibiscus Tea," as he named it. "It is a drink, I learned to like, when I traveled to Guatemala..." He shared, with the intimate audience.

This tasty tea is also helpful for weight loss!!

The fascinating doctor, who has befriended Barack Obama's family in Kenya, shared some exotic stories about the first-extended-family's healthy lifestyle.

The next day - Dr. Godfrey led some of the guests, for a beautiful hike in the mountain. Almost half way to the top - he decided to climb on a tree, and posed for this amazing photo, laughing: "I am the king of the world..."

Who knew that education & wellness can be so much fun??

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Dr. Godfrey's lectures were filmed and - will be available for "SecretFast" members.

The next renown doctor is - Natural Anti Aging Expert, Dr. Maurice Levy (April 25th-27th).

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