Nemiroff International Vodka Company to Resume Its Operations in Ukraine

One of the biggest Ukrainian alcohol brands - Nemiroff resumed operations of its factory despite difficult political and economic situation in the country. The company plans to sell 5.5 million dal of vodka and liqueurs by the end of the year.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukrainian asset of the international company Nemiroff is back to the full operation. 400 employees have already started working at the company with 1000 more professionals to get jobs in the nearest future. The production of 40 different kinds of famous alcoholic beverages Nemiroff have been resumed and ready to be sold in over 80 countries worldwide. Restyling of all series of products required from Nemiroff's company additional investments in technological modernization of the bottling lines. For these purposes more than $1.5 million has been spent. Among the plans of the international manufacturer of the high-quality alcohol in 2014 is a sale of 5.5 million dal of vodka and liqueurs on the world market under Nemiroff brand.

On Tuesday, April 15th Ukrainian factory Nemiroff resumed its operations and produced the first 20 thousand dal of vodka and liquors. Shipping to the largest distributors and national chain retailers also started on Tuesday. The company will be released on its full capacity this year in May.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nemiroff, Yakov Gribov:
'In March we completed the full consolidation of the assets of the international holding. This will significantly strengthen our position in the domestic and global market of vodka. For Ukrainians Nemiroff has always been and remains Ukrainian product. Thus, we should meet this emotional need. Therefore, despite the unstable economic situation in Ukraine, the company launches Nemiroff's factory in Vinnytsia region. Here in Nemyriv the success of the international brand have started; here is its historical homeland.

'The needs of the Ukrainian market and a part of the export markets, effective in terms of logistics, will be covered by the production in Vinnitsa region. At our factories in Russia and Belarus the range for all the other markets will be produced. Nemiroff - one of the undoubted leaders in the global vodka market, this year out total sales should reach about 5.5 million dal of alcoholic beverages'.

Majority Shareholder of Nemiroff, Anatoliy Kypysh:
'17 years ago my partner Yakov Grybov and I established strong and successful company Nemiroff. Here in Nemyriv we started to build up the business that every citizen of our country can be proud of. The popularity of the products produced by Nemiroff trademark allows us to actively support a lot of social, cultural and sports programs. We support creative people and invest in boxing and cinema.

'Nemiroff is not just a major urban development enterprise, but a leader of the national alcohol industry, an international manufacturer known far beyond its historical homeland - Ukraine'.

CEO of Nemiroff, Yuriy Sorochynskiy:
'By the end of 2014 on the Nemyriv's factory more than 3 million dal of alcoholic beverages will be produced for Ukrainian market. More than 1500 people are employed on the factory. Nemiroff is the biggest tax payer in the region providing around 1 billion UAH to the state budget each stable year. Resumption of normal operation of the factory will provide the state treasury of the region with the uninterrupted flow of funds from taxes and excise taxes. We are pleased that in these difficult times, we can support not only the region and the city, but each employee who is employed and, therefore, socially protected'.

In 2013 to the brand's portfolio of vodka Nemiroff "Spicy Strawberry", Nemirovskaya "Rustic Apples", "Cedar on Honey" and "Yasen" have been added.