Upcoming Applications in the month of April

To add on to the ever growing list of applications, there are a few very interesting apps that will be released this month.

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Boston, MA – To add on to the ever growing list of applications, there are a few very interesting apps that will be released this month.

App Name: Funny Beards
App Device: iPhone & iPad
App Category:Entertainment
Expected Release Date:17th April 2014
Description:With this application one can just pick a photo and open up a world of endless fun by adding a funny beard onto pictures. With it, enjoy some fun time with family and friends. The application will be made available at $0.99

App Name: BroadTags
App Device: iPhone & Android
App Category: Social Networking
Expected Release Date: 25th April 2014
Description: BroadTags is a quick way to keep oneself up to date. What is different here is that one gets to follow the hashtags and not people thereforeby simply following a topic one can keep up with what’s happening and also get in touch with likeminded people. Explore the trending hastags, message and have private conversations with people who have concurring thoughts and discover so much more. The App will be made available for free.

App Name: SocialCafe
App Device: iPhone
App Category: Photo & Video
Expected Release Date: 30th April 2014
Description:Take a picture, add some audio and save it on your personal Dropbox account before you share it with the world on your social networks. With SocialCafe, see your photos come to life!Then app will be made available for free.

App Name:MeLady
App Device:All
App Category: Health & Fitness
Expected Release Date: 27th April 2014
Description:With MeLady a woman can easily track and predict their periodic cycle and also track moods, pill reminders etc. The app also will be able to calculate fertility as well as ovulation dates which will help with those planning a pregnancy. MeLady is sort of a private diary for a lady and will be made available for free.

App Name:JelloLab
App Device: All
App Category:Game
Expected Release Date: 18th April 2014
Description:This is a multiplatform puzzle which is based on principles of physics. It will have various play modes and challenges. The application will be free to download.

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