Blast the Object: GameAnax unveils its latest game on iTunes

GameAnax launched their latest game Blast the Object aiming to make the young fans learn spellings the fun way.The game is a step further from usual word games requiring player to challenge their logic & sharpen the brains.The game is available for free to download on iTunes

Online PR News – 17-April-2014 – Sugar Land, TX – Blast the Object is the latest offering from the gaming studio of GameAnax. This new free IOS game challenges players to test their spelling skills with a lucid storyline, crisp graphics and hypnotic sound score. Through exciting gameplay, players can discover and learn to spell new words and get dazzling stars as rewards as they spell new words every day. It motivates kids to get the upper hand in spelling skills through colorful visuals and enthralling storyline.

The game’s goal is to save the adorable dog from getting drowned in his bathroom as the evil cat is hurling different objects on him. The players are expected to rapidly swipe the letters of the falling objects to help the poor dog from drowning. The exciting gameplay encourages players to swiftly learn the spelling of many words while having loads of excitement and entertainment.

“We are excited to provide an opportunity for kids to give the man entertaining platform to improve their spelling skills,” said Jigar Panchal, Head of the Mobile Games Department. “We have strived to make sure that the game is easy enough to be super fun and challenging enough to help kids learn.”

The fun spelling game has numerous elements up in its sleeve to provide entertainment while gaining knowledge. The game has eye-catching colors with rich and sparkling background, vibrant objects to enable quick learning and have a list of thrilling achievements to accomplish. The game also has an array of incredible power-ups to help players spell faster. Players can also brag their high scores and rewards they have earned through global leader boards and share the skills they have achieved.

“Our aim is to promote visual learning with stunning graphics thus making the entire experience entertaining and engaging for our players,” said Kalpesh Purohit, Head of the Gaming Department.He also added that the game will make player’s brain to work overtime to swiftly recognize the objects and swipe the correct letters, and it also challenges the players to expand their vocabulary.

The game is available for free to download on Apple app store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.